Monday, July 16, 2007


courtesy of SUN STAR DAILY Newspaper ( 16, 2007 Monday issue
by Marian C. Baring, Staff Reporter

THE Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation Inc. (Cesafi) has named the directors for nine of its 11 sports events.

Cesafi commissioner Felix Tiukinhoy said they have tapped mostly heads of sanctioning organizations to oversee the operations of each event.

Before, events were supervised by people who were connected with the schools, leading to the hurling of a lot of allegations on biases.

“This way, all competitions will be fair. We are assured that we will not be accused of being biased. Also we could give more credence to these groups because they are the experts in these fields,” Tiukinhoy said.

Tapped as directors of the events are Lerma Binaoro of Central Visayas Badminton Umpires’ Association for badminton; Jonathan Maximo of Cebu Football Association for football; Victor Cunenco and Eleanor Hayco of Dancesport Team Cebu City for dancesport.

Cebu City Sports Commission’s John Pages, who is also the regional head of Philippine Tennis Association, was asked to take care of lawn tennis. Other experts in the field are Rene Brojan for taekwondo, Marvin Ruellan for Chess, Marcia Malbas for scrabble, Gil Ramas for swimming and Victor Yntig for track and field.

Two events

Cesafi, however, still has not decided on two events.

Cesafi will no longer be getting the services of the Cebu Volleyball Association for volleyball and are in the market for another well-meaning group, who will officiate another popular event. The other orphaned event is sepak takraw.


“We will finalize all of it on Tuesday during the screening of the athletes for basketball at the University of Southern Philippines Foundation gym,” Tiukinhoy said.

Also on Tuesday, Cesafi will be announce the schedules of these events and their possible venues and also on the status of the application of Asian College of Technology (ACT), who applied for Cesafi membership.

Cesafi is still keeping things about ACT under wraps and Tiukinhoy said he will be announcing the board’s decision by then.

The Cesafi opens on Aug. 4 at the Cebu Coliseum with the Palabas from each school, since the earlier plan to have an “Olympic-style” opening was trashed by the board. The schools will still have the same idea, but only smaller. The auxiliary events, on the other hand, will be on Aug. 26.