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February 25-28, 2009
Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental

*2008 CESAFI Football Cup Champions
*2008 PRISAA Regional Champions
*2007 CESAFI Football Cup Champions

Official Team Line-Up:

Eduardo Buglosa Jr., Franco Cedullo, Paul Nino De la Victoria, Ronan Richello De Guzman, Nolie Entero, Ralph Patrick Gaite, Jowell Gines, Heron Isugan, Jonathan Jamili Jr., Rhosel Thomas Layumas, Floren Lou Luague, Robert Mamac, Virgilio Manayon, Adrianne Mejaran, Jun-Jun Pintuan, Rhinno Jiffer Siaboc, Juvan Torres, Earl Erickson Yagao.

Coach: Joselito Bono
Manager: Dioscoro Himotas
Ryan Aznar
President, PRISAA Cebu
Felix Tiukinhoy
Commissioner, 2008-09 CESAFI
Maxi Maximo
Football Director, 2008-09 CESAFI


THE MANILA TIMES. After being impressed in the recently-concluded NCAA track and field competition held at the Rizal Track Oval, Angping asked officials of the league to submit the list of the medalists who will undergo intensive training under the watchful eyes of national coach Joseph Sy and former Gintong Alay director Michael Keon...

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


BUSINESS MIRROR. MANILA. The signs of dehydration are noticeable: thirst, muscle cramps, weakness, decreased performance, difficulty paying attention, headache, fatigue and dizziness...

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BUSINESS MIRROR. MANILA. The current bylaws of the NSA that were ratified in 2007, stated in Chapter IV Article 11.4 that “The PFF Congress may transact officials matters only if there is a 50 percent plus one quorum. All votes shall be taken as the absolute majority of the entire voting membership of the PFF Congress.”...


Breaking News: UST defeated DLSU 2-0 during extra time to force a rubber-match in the UAAP Womens Football finals. -
BUSINESS MIRROR. MANILA. FAR Eastern University (FEU) and De La Salle will try to clinch the titles outright despite holding twice-to-beat advantages as the finals of the men’s and women’s University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) football tournament gets under way on Thursday at the Ateneo field.

Smit said UST is a more intact team as some of the players, including its top scorer Mary Ignacio, are veterans who have played against them for the crown in 2006...

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PHIL STAR. MANILA. Hamman, however, asked the PFF to spare the association of politics and instead focus on making a big impact in spreading the word of football, the most popular sport in the world.

“Your leadership is beset with politics. Fix yourselves. Save your nation, save your youth but the youth has not been saved,” said Hammam...

“I’ve made a stand to follow the AFC president. I’m sorry for my friends. My decision is for football,” said Romualdez, who decided not to run in the previous PFF election won by Martinez.

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by Marian Baring, Asst Sports Editor
Mike Limpag, Sports Editor

...Sunga added that if the DepEd will be given authority in school sports, they will be able to create a comprehensive sports development program. Deped used to be the Department of Education Culture and Sports.

“Right now, our athletes merely train for the Palarong Pambansa and after that, wala na. It is like the culmination of physical education, which is really a waste because we have very talented athletes who could actually excel even in international competitions.” (MCB)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


CEBU. With road races getting scare in the other parts of the country, the out-of-towners have regarded Cebu as the Mecca of running. Bukidnon’s Crifranreadel Indapan, made up of the absence of former Milo Marathon national record holder Cresenciano Sabal (who failed to arrive), to rule the race in 32:04.

In the women’s division, Zamboanga’s Mary Grace Delos Santos made it a double for the visitors as she won in 39:43, Madelyn Carter was second in 41:44 while Cerly Rose Baylon salvaged third in 51:24.

Monday, February 23, 2009


GMA NEWS. MANILA. The Lady Archers will face University of Santo Tomas in the finals after finishing the eliminations with 17 points on five wins, two draws and one defeat. The finals series starts on Thursday at 10:00 a.m. at the Ateneo field. UST was La Salle’s opponent during the 2006 finals...

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The Freeman Newspaper (
February 23, 2009 Monday issue
by Caecent No-ot Magsumbol, Staff Reporter
Manny Villaruel, Sports Editor

...In the men’s 3K class, Michael Veloso seized the title as Ethan Decena ended up second and Jed Decena third. The top three finishers in the women's side were Bethina Veloso, Fabby Borromeo and Christine Martinez.

Among the Rotarians, John Pages, the Sportswriters Association of Cebu (SAC) president, emerged as the fastest. He was followed by Anthony Queblatin and Jet Neric, while Annie Neric was unopposed in the distaff side...


Sun Star Newspaper (
February 23, 2009 Monday issue
by RCM, Staff Reporter
Mike Limpag, Sports Editor

...In the Rotarians Division, Sun.Star sports columnist John Pages topped the Men’s 10K run, while Annie Neric ruled the women’s side.

The husband-and-wife tandem of Michael and Bettina Veloso also ruled the 5K division...


PHIL DAILY INQUIRER. MANILA, Philippines—There’s nothing unusual for a first-time visitor in the US to do the bus-tour route. But if you—the first Filipina to run across the Philippines—are on your first trip to the US, you’d do a bit more than just go off the beaten track. You’d run across America...

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Cebu Daily News (
February 23, 2009 Monday issue
by Iste Sesante - Leopoldo, Correspondent
Rick Gabuya, Sports Editor

Cebu’s running queen Leszl Gitaruelas once again showed her dominance on the road as she grabbed the 5k women's open title of the 1st Cebu Rotary Run on Sunday at the Cebu Business Park.
Actress Donna Cruz-Larrazabal, wife of running enthusiast Dr. Yong Larrazabal, logged in 30:42 to finish a decent fifth place.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Sun Star Newspaper (
February 22, 2009 Sunday issue
By John Pages, Columnist

AS president of the Sportswriters Association of Cebu (SAC), I was tasked to give the Closing Remarks at last Wednesday’s 27th SAC-SMC Cebu Sports Awards at the Casino Español.
I prepared a 10-minute speech.

Instead—because Pacquaio had left, the clock neared 10:30 p.m. and the crowd sat restless either to have photos with Greg Slaughter or to head home—I delivered a 25-second “Thank you and goodbye” message.

“I’d like to congratulate Fr. Vic Uy, the first Cebuano PSC commissioner, who is the Presidential Awardee. To my fellow Rotarian, Francis Onglatco, the Orlacsan Awardee. To Maxi Maximo, the Sportsman of the Year. To Donnie Nietes, who is represented by Michael Aldeguer. To Gerry Peñalosa, our co-Athlete of the Year... Congratulations!”

“I’d like to recognize Nonito and Rachel Donaire for joining us. Same with the president of the Casino Español de Cebu, Manny Sainz.”

“Our Guest of Honor, Monico Puentevella, the congressman from Bacolod, maayo ni siya mag basketball kag mag-tennis. Plus, he’s an excellent singer! Maybe we can hear a duet later with Manny?”

“Dr. Manny Pacquiao: We’re lucky to be the first event to address him as Dr. Pacquiao. And, I’m sure next to Gen. San, Manny calls Cebu home. Why? Because his father, Rosalio, comes from the southern town of Pinamungajan. Dili ra si Manny maayo mo Bisaya, naa gyud siya Cebuano roots. Thank you for accepting our Lifetime Achievement Award. Hangyo lang mi that this May 2, katong hambugero kaayo na taga England i-knockout nimo!”

“I’d also like to commend all the parents who are here. Without your support, example, sacrifice... your children will not be here.”

“To our awardees, congratulations! This is a memorable night. Imagine, this is the 27th Awards Night and there have been thousands of past Cebuano greats who’ve come before you... but, tonight, is your night.”

“Feel proud. Celebrate. Smile. And, before the night ends, have a photo not only with Manny but with all the other athletes. THIS HAPPENS ONLY ONCE A YEAR.”

“Two tips I want to share with you summarized in three words: BE LIKE MANNY!”

“Never stop learning. Look at Manny. He’s the greatest boxer in the world. On his off days, he can be watching TV all day or relaxing at the beach... but, no, what does he do? He enrolls in college. He reads. He’s planning to become a lawyer. That’s amazing. Shows how learning and studying is so important to Manny. So I hope that we, too, will learn from this: to never stop learning, never stop improving.”

“Work hard. There’s no shortcut to success, especially boxing.. you’re the only one in the ring. Like my fellow sportswriters, I’ve watched Manny train at Wakee Salud’s gym and you won’t believe what he goes through: the number of hours he trains, all the beating and suffering he undergoes. I asked others if they try to follow Manny and they do... but they all get sick! Nobody can match the work ethic of MP. So, I know you all work hard but, if you want to become a world champion... you’ve got to train like MP!”

“To end, let me say that if you grab a newspaper today and scan through its pages, what do you see? BAD NEWS. If you look at the front page, there are murders, factory closures, Texters’ Choice fiascos... Bad news.”

“But, did you know that there is one section in the newspaper that is the GOOD NEWS SECTION? You know which one? It’s the sports section. And why are the sports pages the good news section?”

“BECAUSE OF ALL OF YOU. Because of your Palarong Pambansa gold medals, your trips to Singapore or Hong Kong where you won silver or bronze, your flying to Manila and beating RP’s best. Because of you, there is good news. Thank you.”

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Cebu Daily News (
February 20, 2009 Friday issue
by Jonas Panerio, Correspondent
Rick Gabuya, Sports Editor

... Sportsman of the Year awardee, Jonathan “Maxi” Maximo also gave a fitting tribute to Cebu's sportswriters in his response on behalf of all the awardees that evening.

“You know, if I’d ask you, who was the Sportsman of the Year awardee during the 4th SAC Awards? Probably you don’t know anymore. And same goes with me 20 years from now. People will forget about it but I will not forget the people whom I met along this journey and the people I worked with at Cebu Football Association (CFA) and people like you, the sportswriters, who helped us develop talents and sports here,” he said in the windup of the grandiose event...

Friday, February 20, 2009


The Freeman Newspaper (
February 20, 2009 Friday issue
by Raffy Osumo, Columnist - The Score

...Maxi Maximo, the winner of the coveted Sportsman of the Year award, said that he’ll talk to other awardees so they could agree on what to do “on sports and the media.”

Thank you, in advance, Maxi for the gesture. When you meet, please don’t forget Girlie Garces of San Miguel Corporation. Like the sportswriters, she too made sure that Cebu’s finest athletes get the recognition they deserve during the awards night...

Thursday, February 19, 2009


The Freeman Newspaper (
February 19, 2009 Thursday issue
By Caecent Noot - Magsumbol, Staff Reporter
Manny Villaruel, Sports Editor

CEBU, Philippines - Former Cebu Football Association (CebuFA) president Jonathan “Maxi” Maximo last night paid tribute to the sportswriters of Cebu in behalf of the awardees of the 27th Sportswriters Association of Cebu (SAC)-San Miguel Corporation (SAC-SMC) All-Cebu Sports Awards at the Casino Español.

Maximo, who bagged the coveted “Sportsman of the Year” award for his unflinching promotion of football, had mixed feelings about the accolade but on top of his personal concerns, he is thinking of doing something for the sportswriters and Cebu sports in general.

“You know, if I’d ask you, who was the Sportsman of the Year awardee during the fourth SAC Awards? Probably you don’t know anymore. And same goes with me 20 years from now. People will forget about it but I will not forget the people whom I met along this journey and the people I worked with at CFA and people like you, the sportswriters, who helped us develop talents and the sports here,” said Maximo.

Maximo said the sportswriters’ efforts and profession had been overlooked, if not, less appreciated.

“Awards come and go, but to you the sportswriters—thank you very much,” Maximo added. “What I have in mind right now is to gather all the SOY awardees and discuss among ourselves something that we can do on sports and the media.The media here takes their job seriously that athletes should appreciate.” – Caecent No-ot Magsumbol (THE FREEMAN)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


PHIL STAR. MANILA. Runners joining the 21K race will experience for the first time running in the Skyway, a first in the country’s road racing history...

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Sun Star Cebu Newspaper (
February 18, 2009 Wednesday issue
Pooled Report
Boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao frontlines the star-studded list of honorees who will be feted in tonight’s 27th Sportswriters Association of Cebu-San Miguel Corp. (SAC-SMC) All-Cebu Sports Awards at the Casiño Español.
The gala affair spotlighting the best and brightest sports stars of Cebu in 2008 will start at 7 p.m., Bacolod City Rep. and Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) chairman Monico O. Puentevella is the guest of honor.
Pacquiao, hailed as one of the all-time boxing greats, will be given a Lifetime Achievement Award for his legendary exploits in the squared arena. The General Santos City fighter engraved his name in history books for becoming one of the very few ring gladiators to win three fights in different weight divisions in one year.
Pacquiao retained his WBC super featherweight title with a split decision victory over Juan Manuel Marquez in their controversial rematch. He went on to snatch David Diaz’s WBC lighweight crown via brutal ninth round knockout and then leapfrogged two weight categories to deal Oscar de la Hoya the most embarrassing defeat of his career in a welterweight mismatch.
Pacquiao headed into the battlefield as a heavy underdog, but the Filipino punching dynamo again wielded the element of surprise he is best known for as he beat De la Hoya to pulp, forcing the battered and badly bruised “Golden Boy” to wave the white flag of surrender before the start of the ninth round.
Pacquiao will be joined in the podium by football organizer Jonathan “Maxi” Maximo, wushu philantrophist Francis Onglatco, and Fr. Vicente “Vic” L. Uy, SVD, the first Philippine Sports Commissioner (PSC) from Cebu.
Maximo will receive the coveted “Sportsman of the Year” plum, Onglatco will be handed out with the ORLACSAN (Orlando C. Sanchez) Memorial Award, while Fr. Uy is the choice of Sportswriters Association of Cebu (SAC) prexy John Pages as the “Presidential Awardee.”
Maximo, Onglatco, and Fr. Uy will be commended for their invaluable contributions to the development of Cebu sports in their own unique ways.
Also set to be honored for their outstanding performances in their respective athletic endeavors during the past year are Leizl Lumindas-Gitaruelas (athletics), Gregory Slaugher and M. Lhuillier Kwarta-Cebu Niños (basketball), Janelle Tabio and Floria Gutierrez (beach volley), Kimberly Lao (bowling), Donnie Nietes and Gerry Peñalosa (pro boxing), Joseph Sanchez and Kim Steven Yap (chess), Annabelle and Joel Madera (dancesport), Don Bosco Technology Center (football), Irina Gabasa, (golf), Tracy Badonio (gymnastics), Alford Marimon (judo), Juan Antonio Carcel (karting), Vince Marc Tabotabo (lawn tennis), Teodoro Martus (scrabble) Cris Panes (shooting), Loren Dale Echavez (swimming), Michael Motel (table tennis), and Kelly Kaye Rojas (weightlifting).
As major awardees, they are all contenders for the prestigious “Athlete of the Year” commendation.
Paralympian Arnold Balais will be elevated into the SAC Hall of Fame for his consistent achievements.
Those who will receive special citiations are Lindley Fran Navaja (athletics) Doce Pares of Grandmasters Dionisio “Dionnie” Cañete and Ciriaco “Noy Cacoy” Cañete (arnis), Jusabelle Brillo (beach volley), Jomar Jumapao (bowling), Milan Milendo (pro boxing), Charlea Lagaras (dancesport), Gio Gandiongco (golf), Sidney Metante (karatedo), Paco Rodriguez (karting), Sally Mae Siso (lawn tennis), Seigfred Ornopia and Jon-Jon Adlawan (motocross), Yaw-Yan Cebu ArDigma Martial Arts Federation Inc. of Master Benigno “Ekin” R. Caniga, Jr. and Universal reality Combat Challenge (URCC) of Renault Lao (mixed martial arts), Angelic Lado (weightlifting), Luis Ansag (wrestling), Rachel Ng, Jack Huang (for support given to SAC projects), and Vicente Fernandez III (judo). (Pooled Report)

Monday, February 16, 2009


MANILA TIMES. Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) Chairman Harry Angping pressed all national sports associations to submit an initial list of athletes that will compete in the 2009 Southeast Asian (SEA) Games in Laos...

“We have to improve our perfor-mance and to do that, we have to start now the training of our athletes and focus more on medal-rich sports like swimming, taekwondo, athletics and boxing,” said Angping...

...NSAs must follow first the eight qualifications set forth by the Olympic body for athletes who will represent the Philippines...

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MANILA BULLETIN. San Beda College shut out Philippine Christian University, 5-0, Saturday to complete a title sweep in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) football championships at the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) field in Pasig...

Joseph Jino Villarino headed the ball into the back of the net at the 59th minute to begin the scoring romp...

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MANILA BULLETIN. ILIGAN CITY — Faced with the prospect of returning to his home province on foot, Roger Sawin-ay won the Iligan leg of the 33rd National Milo Marathon eliminations Sunday.

Sawin-ay left his hometown in Lantapan, Bukidnon with P700 in his wallet, P500 of which he used to pay for his lodging...

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NY TIMES. According to Running USA, the 13.1 mile half-marathon is the fastest-growing distance in the sport...

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NY TIMES. Americans think the United States should dominate track and field, still the most important sport in the Summer Games, but many countries are catching up for one reason or another...

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NY TIMES. Whether the gear system becomes the next iPod and redefines bicycle technology or ends up as the sport’s version of the eight-track tape will hinge on a number of factors, the most obvious being performance, reliability and cost...

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Sun Star Newspaper (
by Mike Limpag
Columnist - Fairplay
Sports Editor - Sun Star Cebu

AFTER the hotly-contested elections for the Philippine Football Federation back in 2007, I and Graeme Mackinnon, the former coach of the Carmen National School, had a brief discussion about the two candidates.

Graeme said he knew the winning president but wouldn’t have voted for him. I said I knew the losing candidate, and I wouldn’t have voted for him, either.

And when I first heard that Martinez promised he will resign if he won’t be able to make football the second-most popular sport in the country in six months, I thought, what’s he smoking?

Less than two years into his term, Martinez is firing people left and right, while the senior team’s national coach has resigned, saying he has lost confidence in the PFF president.

If that isn’t enough, a report from the Philippine Daily Inquirer says one group is demanding that Martinez let an audit team check the finances of the PFF, to check whether the NSA’s money isn’t going to someone else’s pockets.

Oh boy, here we go again. Martinez’s predecessor, Johnny Romualdez, also faced this clamor for audits. He did appoint a team, but when I asked one PFF board member whether the audit team members were Romualdez’s boys, he said, “Next question, please.”

Why all this noise? For football?

Football may not be the third- or fourth most popular sport in the country but it surely is one of the richest. PFF gets close to P25 million a year from Fifa, AFC and AFF and to top it all, it has a P25-million peso building, whitwhew!!!

Aside from that, the PFF president gets to attend the Fifa Congress and the World Cup.

It’s kind of disheartening that less than two years into a new PFF president’s term, old issues resurface. And it makes you wonder if Philippine football will really move forward.

But despite all these, I see hope. And I see it in running.

I mean, take a look at runners. They’ve multiplied by the thousands, no thanks to the Philippine Amateur Track and Field Association (Patafa).

Grassroots development? Heck, Patafa, whose president has been in that position since President Marcos and heads two other NSAs, has no grassroots development program, but take a look at the number of people joining running events.

With all these people taking up the sport, running will grow by leaps and bounds. And I hope football will take its cue from that.

Give it enough rope, the PFF will hang itself. But as long as people take up the the game, the sport will survive. For sure, we won’t do well internationally (we already missed the chance in the 2007 and this year’s Southeast Asian Games), but at least, people will learn to love the beautiful game.

ACTION. Runners have gotten to love their sport so much that they’ve decided, that instead of waiting for government action, they’ll start the initiative.

A few runners met the other day to launch a signature campaign to persuade the Cebu City Government to rehabilitate the oval.

Unlike in previous “campaign meetings” that I attended in college, this one didn’t involve a bullhorn or red flags but their goal is just as lofty.

Each of those who attended got a folder—some went home with four or five— with enough space to hold a thousand signatures.

From my guesstimate, the group could gather close to 50,000 voters, I mean signatures.

CCSC manager Ricky Ballesteros was there to address some of the concerns and ideas. And one member of the group said they will donate a sign that will remind people not to smoke and about the proper use of lanes—inside lanes for the fast/serious runners, outside lanes for the leisure joggers and people-who-text-while-they-run.

The group hopes to present the number early next month, and with 50,000 signatures from runners who could return the favor to the runners in 2010…



Sun Star Newspaper (
by Noel S. Villaflor
Columnist - Footnote
Former Sports Editor - Sun Star Cebu

...Tochi’s s thoughts on a drastic change in leadership echoed fellow columnist Mike T. Limpag’s earlier call for Philippine Football Federation president Jose Mari Martinez to resign. (In his column above, Mike, this section’s ever-patient editor, provides more insight about the mess the PFF has gotten itself into.)Philippine football needs competent men to run its affairs.

Martinez has had his share of critics from the day he stepped into office—from within the football circle and, of course, the nosy media, no matter how few.

But the moment your crony expresses his loss of confidence in your leadership, you know it’s time to go. National team coach Juan Cutillas just did, a month after a forgettable campaign.

It is now apparent that the PFF is too big an organization for Martinez to run. One could only wonder what got into him when he declared, in his first official speech as president, that he would step down if he fails to uplift Philippine football after six months in office.

Even President Obama didn’t make a statement as audacious.

The PFF is overwrought with crises, the biggest of which is a crisis in leadership, one that purports to have vision but has lost its way.

In his allegorical novel, “Blindness,” Portuguese writer Jose Saramago says, “Just like everything else in life, let time take its course and it will find a solution.”

Time has taken its course and the solution is found.

Martinez should do a Cutillas and follow him all the way to the dark pages of Philippine football history.


“The CCSC track oval is already 15 years old. It is the busiest and most frequently-used track oval in the country. Its life span is only 10 years but it has served the Cebuanos longer than expected. This time we have to act by asking the City officials, Mayor Tom (Osmeña) or Acting Mayor Mike (Rama) and the City Council, to repair or build a new track oval. This signature campaign aims to get their commitment for the repair of the oval,” said organizer John Pages...


MANILA BULLETIN. The match was stopped with the game evened at 2-2 in the second half after the Lady Tigresses scored on a penalty kick. Tournament officials are scheduled to hold a meeting today to finalize the sanctions against FEU...

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A Cebu version perhaps? Not a bad idea. Let's do it!...
LA TIMES. The Bay to Breakers race typically lures thousands, and many come in costume, or with little or no clothing, and most come for the festive and ridiculous atmosphere...

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Here's my top 5 picks:

Summer Olympics (every four years in a different city). With 10,000-plus athletes from 200 nations, this is the world's biggest party (did I mention the 130,000 condoms they give to the athletes?). The host city is almost always worth the trip itself (well, maybe not Atlanta) but the 17 days of exhilarating sporting performances will provide memories that will last long after the $24 souvenir T-shirt has faded. Guaranteed, you will see something that makes you proud to be human and call yourself a citizen not of one specific country but a citizen of the world.

World Cup (every four years in a different country). Look, Americans shouldn't feel guilty about not liking soccer any more than we should for not using the metric system. But whether you're a fanatic about the sport (a lot of the world) or are bored by it (the U.S and Canada, Down Under, and the Coalition of the Unwilling), we can all appreciate a huge international party filled with fans so passionate they set themselves on fire to inspire their team before the game (as opposed, say, to Detroit fans, who set others on fire after the game). Look at it this way: The World Cup was such a spectacle last summer that Germany was actually afraid it would run out of beer. And if a team actually scores, so much the better!

Boston Marathon (April, Boston). The oldest marathon and still the best. You may not be able to qualify to run in it, but you can certainly join the thousands lining the route to cheer on all the runners with the traditional words that have become synonymous with the race: "Yankees Suck!"

The Masters (April, Augusta, Ga.). You should get down on your knees at Amen Corner if you're able to get the toughest ticket in American sports. Then get behind Tiger or Phil and follow him all 18 holes -- it won't be difficult, the day will feel so sublime you'll practically float above the azaleas and dogwoods.

Tour de France mountain stage (July in various rotating cities in France). Can you trot around the bases with Barry Bonds? Dive into the end zone with LaDainian Tomlinson? Go to the hoop with LeBron? Of course not. But you can run alongside the best cyclists in the world as they struggle up the remaining agonizing kilometers of a mountain stage. It's an all-day party (and frequently all-night as well) set among spectacular Alps and Pyrenees scenery, and best of all, you can fill your water bottle with a great French wine or Belgian beer (or, if you're competing, something stronger).

What's yours? Post your choices at the Comments section.

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THE MANILA TIMES. FAR Eastern University (FEU) retained its supremacy as the ruler of track and field after topping the recently concluded men and women’s 71st University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) athletics competition...

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Thursday, February 12, 2009


MANILA STANDARD TODAY. “His persistency to train even during Christmas break paid off"...

“Masayang-masaya ako kahit fifth lang ang tinapos ko, at least tinalo ko ang mga karibal ko sa SEAG at sa Asia. Medyo mahirap ang course kaya itong time ko ay talagang mahirap bunuin,” said Buenavista, who arrived late Monday night from Hong Kong...

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SUN STAR. CEBU. “And our mandate to them is to teach other coaches so that they, in turn, will teach other coaches for free. And so, what happens is what I call a ‘cascade.’ One head coach teaches five coaches; these five teach another five each; these 25 teach five each... there’s an exponential effect. And so more and more trainers are taught; more and more children learn... for free.”...

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Sun Star Newspaper (
by Mike Limpag
Columnist - Fair Play
Sports Editor - Sun Star Cebu
IMAGINE staring up the Crown Regency Tower. As you squint to look at the top of the 38-storey building, try to imagine climbing from where you’re standing, to the top, using the stairs, in five minutes.
Sounds impossible right?
Now imagine going through 86 stories in 10 minutes and 7 seconds, using the stairs.
Really impossible?
No. German runner slash climber Thomas Dold did just that in winning the Empire State Building Run Up this year.
What’s a Run Up? It’s just one of those crazy events where people race through the stairs of a really, really tall building.
Dold covered the 1,576 steps in 607 seconds, or an average of 2.5 steps per second, needing just 7.05 seconds to cover a floor! And that’s not even counting the steps he takes in between the flights of stairs! If his pace got slower going to the top, that means he must have rocketed past the first few stories to get that average.
If he was conquering the 38 floors of Crown Regency(at least that’s how tall the building is in my Internet research), he would need only 268.20 seconds. That’s just a shade under four minutes and 30 seconds.
What’s more amazing, his first place finish was 34 seconds off the record. According to Wikipedia, the record is held by Paul Crake, a professional cyclist. Well, that figures, if cyclists are crazy enough to pedal hundreds of miles, climbing 86 stories is nothing for them.
When I got wind of Dold’s achievement, I tried an experiment of my own. I wanted to know how fast I could get from the basement of Sun.Star’s building to the top.
So last Saturday night, when there were a few people at the office and most were busy at their desk, I did my run. I took two steps at a time and climbed the six flights in 28 seconds, then spent the next 10 minutes resting before hobbling down a floor to my desk.
I’m not so sure if a Run Up is a viable option for Cebu sports but I remember I once saw an infomercial on TV about a “watyacallit-stair-machine,” which was basically what a treadmill is for running long distances.
They say if you want to run but can’t afford a treadmill, well, you run. If you can’t afford a “watyacallit-stair-machine,” then, hmmm…I wonder what Crown Regency will do to people who sneak in the building to use the stairs…
PHELPS’ BONG. Michael Phelps is currently serving a three-month suspension due to a momentary lapse in judgment.
Phelps was caught using a marijuana pipe, and worse, a photo of that act got plastered in the news. He has since apologized for the act.
After the 2004 Olympiad, Phelps figured in a similar embarrassing incident, getting caught for drunk driving.
I guess after all that time spent training for Olympic history, Phelps felt the need to let his hair down. Too bad he had to party this way.
FOOTBALL NEWS. If you want good news about football, I guess you better stop here. There isn’t any.
The coach of the Philippine men’s team, Juan Cutillas, has resigned, citing among other reasons, the loss of confidence in Philippine Football Federation Mari Martinez’s leadership.
In less than a year, we’ve had two coaches and nothing to show for it.
Cutillas’ resignation comes a few days after the whole women’s futsal team, which won the bronze in the Southeast Asian Games in 2007, quit.
The team members submitted their mass resignation after their coach, Emmanuel Batungbacal, was sacked by Martinez.
Martinez replaced Johnny Romualdez in 2007 and when he won, he boldly said he would quit his post if he can’t uplift Philippine football, or even make it the second-most popular sports in the country, in six months.-
Well Mr. Martinez. It’s February 2009. Where’s your resignation?


by Nimrod Quinones
Managing Editor - The Freeman
Columnist - Full Point

Running is one of the most inexpensive activities to get into unless of course you buy those sneakers that cost a month’s salary for lower level managers or decide to fly to places abroad to join races...

Unfortunately, running is not in my mind now as bad knees keep me from doing so and I’m sure I cannot anymore outrun the dogs in my neighborhood...


PHIL STAR. MANILA. “We should start talking to venue managers, and the restaurants. Simple things like putting the Filipinos on the top floors of buildings with no elevators can affect our performance,” said Angping...

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Monday, February 09, 2009


PHIL DAILY INQUIRER. MANILA, Philippines—It looks like the resignation of the women’s national futsal team isn’t an isolated case at the Philippine Football Federation...

Juan Cutillas, the PFF technical director, has also quit his post due to his “total loss of confidence” in the leadership of Jose Mari Martinez...

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PHIL DAILY INQUIRER. MANILA. While other countries are concerned about medal-rich sports like athletics, martial arts disciplines like boxing, taekwondo and karate, as well as shooting and swimming, we are worried if there will be basketball at all—like in the Laos Southeast Asian Games this year...

The organizers wouldn’t dare cancel football despite its bigger logistical needs. The game is just too popular in the region and not having it in the SEA Games would be a big letdown to those who follow the game passionately...

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Top riders vie in Tagaytay cycling The Philippine Star >> News >> Sports: "Featuring mostly elite riders vying for slots in the RP team, the one-day race serves as one of the qualifying races that will allow the cyclists to accumulate points on the way to clinching a seat in the national squad.

PhilCycling president and Tagaytay City Mayor Bambol Tolentino said a qualifying race for the national junior team would also be held on the same day in preparation for the cycling competition in the Asian Youth Games to be held in Singapore this year."...


SUN STAR. CEBU. “It was very tough. I wanted to quit many times but Joel really pushed me. I prayed a lot all throughout the route.

I wanted to cry many times. I had cramps at the 25-km. mark and I could barely move my legs,” said Guardo.

Guardo added his three-month training for the run wasn’t enough...

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Sunday, February 08, 2009


CHICAGO TRIBUNE. Think about what we could be dealing with here, given the forces bearing down on the swimmer. A 23-year-old overwhelmed by the attention he received for winning a record eight gold medals in the Beijing Olympics. A person who would like to reject his public image as the perfect All-American boy. A superstar who wants to be himself, not what others want him to be...

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Saturday, February 07, 2009


BBC NEWS. An Irish long-distance runner has completed seven gruelling marathons on seven continents in less than six days to help raise cash for Sudan's Darfur region...

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Thursday, February 05, 2009


THE FREEMAN. CEBU. “We should finish the race. We will wave the Philippine flag especially for the OFWs in Hong Kong. We will show to them that despite the global economic crisis, there’s an RP Team to cheer for them,” Guardo said...

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