Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Stages 1 & 2 Race Map

Stages 1 & 2 Race Elevation

Stage 3 Race Map

Stage 3 Race Elevation

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


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Thursday, September 08, 2016

Wednesday, September 07, 2016


Sept. 3, 2016
SRP, Cebu City, PHL

Photos courtesy of FSA and YKKBikes
A big turnout in today's race.  Cebu Cycling is alive!

Watch out someone is going to attack!

Hop on to the train or else you will be left behind

The best of Cebu amateur road cycling


Romero said a solid grassroots program is needed so the country can discover talents at their raw stage, when they can be nurtured into athletes who can perform at the highest level, including the Olympics.
The former president of the national shooting association, who also had a hand helping develop cycling, basketball, volleyball and even polo, said what they normally discover are athletes who are already nearing or in their prime.
“We want to discover talents at the youngest age possible, and not when they are already grown-ups. Normally, these talents are discovered by the NSAs (national sports associations) only because they start winning their events,” he said. - PhilStar  Read more

Tuesday, September 06, 2016


Planks are one of the simplest exercises in the book and one of the most effective at increasing core strength. Planks can be done anywhere and can be used year round. Planks target your shoulders, abdomen, and lower back. Lifting one leg can add a degree of difficulty to each set and further target the lower back. Start with hold times of 30-60 seconds per round and progress to 60-90 second hold times as you go through offseason training. Lunges are very cycling specific since they are worked one leg at a time, targeting your quadriceps, hips and hamstrings. It is highly advised to start without weight in order to practice good form. Two common mistakes with lunges are letting the knee extend beyond the leading foot and flexing the torso forward/ jerking it back during the forward and backward movement phases. Focus on higher rep ranges of 15-30 reps per set, with the goal of 3-5 sets. Leg lifts target the abdominals, and hip flexors. A simple variation includes placing hands overhead to target the upper abdominals. Perform 15-25 reps per set with a goal of 3-5 sets. The burpee is a great full body exercise. The movement involves all the major joints, and is intended to be performed with an explosive movement. Some variations can include adding pushups and a standing jump at the end. Focus on fast repetitions in the 10-20 rep range, completing 3-5 sets. Renegade rows are a full body workout that target similar muscles as the plank, with the addition of the upper back and arms. Rows will help build great endurance within your upper body. To add a level of difficulty, add a push up between reps. Perform 15-30 reps per set, taking 30-90 second rest between sets, with a goal of 3-5 sets. When speaking about power endurance, Kettlebell swings are the first exercise that comes to mind. Proper technique is important, so start with lighter weight and progress from there. Keep your core strong, back straight and thrust from your hips and lower body, propelling your arms and weight to swing forward. Kettlebell swings will target your quads, hamstrings and hips. Perform swings with an explosive movement and hold onto the kettlebell tightly! Begin in the 15-25 rep range with 1-2 minutes of rest between sets and 3-5 sets as a goal. Stop the set as soon as your form gets sloppy. Single leg deadlifts target the hamstrings and hips. Incorporating single leg exercises help correct muscle imbalances since each leg is forced to support the load independently. It is highly advised to start with light weight (20-40lbs) working 8-10 reps per set. Spend a few weeks to get the muscle to adapt to greater loads, and then start incorporating slightly more weight. Work with a straight or slightly flexed back, slightly bent knee and strong core. Perform each rep with a slow steady movement. Squats should be a staple in the offseason training regimen. Front squats work the hips, quadriceps and hamstrings and are great to use through your max strength and muscle endurance phases. Always start with light weight, building a base with higher reps (15-30) before incorporating heavy weight and always use a spotter to judge form and help with safety when lifting greater loads.

Saturday, September 03, 2016


Sept. 3, 2016
Lantaw SRP, Cebu City, PHL

Photos courtesy of Lazer & YKKBikes
Ica Maximo mixing it up with the men in Golden Cat criterium race at the seaside SRP.
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Pink is the color of the day.

#Lezyne GPS cyclocomputer tracks the 8-lap crit race

Wind cheaters.
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Thursday, September 01, 2016


August 21, 2016
Luray II, Toledo City, Cebu, PHL

Photos courtesy of Marin & YKKBikes

Mad dash to the finish line