Friday, October 31, 2008


Courtesy of Sun Star Newspaper (
Friday, October 31, 2008 issue
by Marian C. Baring, Asst. Sports Editor
Mike Limpag, Sports Editor

YESTERDAY, the prayers of Fr. Vic Uy, SVD, were answered as he was appointed the newest commissioner of the country’s highest governing body for sports—Philippine Sports Commission.

The memo from the office of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo arrived at the PSC office at 6 p.m. last night formalizing Uy’s spot as commissioner in lieu of Ricardo Garcia.

While the other candidates vying for the position asked congressmen and other high-ranking government officials to sign endorsements, Fr. Vic had to rely on the power of prayers.

“I prayed for it and God listened to our prayers,” said Uy, who bested a lot of other candidates.

Uy admitted that although he did not ask anyone for endorsements, those who believed in him, gave him one.

In his last visit in Cebu, Uy broke the news to the media that he was up for the commissionership against a bevy of others and for parting words, asked the reporters, “Please help me pray to Sto. NiƱo for it,” he said, unsure that he will be given the position since he did not have a lot of backers.

Uy, the very first Cebuano and clergyman to become an official of the PSC, was a known sports supporter since his days as the sports director of the University of San Carlos.


The priest was the president of the Private Schools Athletic Association and became an official of the organizing committee of the Southeast Asian Games in 2005, which Cebu co-hosted. He was later appointed as one of the regional point persons of the PSC, before he was finally moved to Manila to become an executive director of the PSC.

PSC chairperson William Butch Ramirez had to request the SVD to give Uy one-year leave in order to work for the PSC January of last year. When the leave expired last January, the SVD gave him an extension.

Uy said that he was thankful for the trust given to him by the national government and will make sure that he will now be able to help sports more . (MCB)


Courtesy of Cebu Daily Newspaper (
Friday, October 31, 2008 issue
By Jonas Panerio, Correspondent
Rick Gabuya, Sports Editor

THE second semester for the Cesafi football and volleyball squads is expected to be a busy one, as Cebu’s premier inter-school league is planning to stage a “Partner’s Cup-type” tournament early next year.

Gone will be the days of idleness that hounded local varsity squads during the second semester and will be replaced by these tournaments that aim to develop new talents that may be showcased in the next season and possibly on international competitions such as the 2009 Southeast Asian Games in Laos.

According to Cesafi commissioner Felix “Boy” Tiukinhoy, he has already held initial talks with Cesafi volleyball tournament manager, Dr. Danny Villadolid regarding a second semester tournament for indoor volleyball. The development started after he was inspired by the huge turnout and the school support in the recently-concluded championship round of the seniors division of the volleyball event.

“I have already asked Danny (Villadolid) to sound this off to the teams and see what their reaction is like. I’ve noticed that the teams have a lot of reserve players and this would be good for them, since this would give them the avenue to play and develop for next season’s tournament. The same rules would apply so as there would be no confusion between the first and second semester tournaments,” said Tiukinhoy.

As with football and basketball, the tournament is expected to pair a Cesafi school with a corporate sponsor, which has become the trademark of the Partner’s Cup, which will have its third season this January.

The trend was started in basketball in 2006 and continued last year. This year, it expects to branch out to other sports, most notably football, which will have an under-23 tournament in January.Aside from giving the school teams another tournament to strut their wares in, the football event will also be looking at the bigger picture as this will prepare the players for a shot at the under-23 team for the 2009 SEAG. /Correspondent Jonas Panerio


Tomasito "Glen" Ramos (left), head coach of UC College and DBTC High School, seems to drive home a point with the referees. This scene was taken after the CESAFI College game between USJ-R vs UC 2-2 draw game last Oct. 25, 2008 at the USC-TC, Talamban, Cebu City.

What are they talking about? Let us speculate.

Maybe coach Glen was giving out directions on how to avoid the monstrous traffic at the Ban-Tal flyover.

Whats your take? Lets enjoy the game. Post your comments below.


USJ-R putting up a defensive wall. UV vs USJ-R College 0-0 draw game. Oct 4, 2008 @ USC-TC Field Talamban, Cebu City. Photo PaBolFC. Leave your caption in the Comments Section, below.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Courtesy of Sun Star Newspaper (
Thursday, October 30, 2008 issue
by Edri K. Aznar, Staff Reporter
Mike Limpag, Sports Editor

THERE will be more tournaments for college football varsities as the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation Inc. (Cesafi) is set to start another event in January.

Since the start of the Cesafi it only put up a single football competition in a year, but with the proposed Partners Cup Under-23 football tournament by Cesafi football tournament manager Jonathan Maximo, the year 2009 will start out strong for football.

Maximo submitted a project proposal early in the 2008 Cesafi football season to the Cesafi committee to start a Partners Cup contest and the board approved it during their meeting last Thursday.

“The 2008 football season has received a number of positive feedbacks such as more teams joining, better media coverage, innovative match analysis, more fan interaction and on-line presence through So if it is doing well, why not do more? This will give justice to the school’s varsity scholarship program as well as to the players who will gain more exposure and experience,” Maximo said in an e-mailed statement.

However, the schedule of the games is still tentative as they are still searching for willing sponsors to help them out in the tournament.

“The target is January 2009, after the regular 2008 Cesafi football season. But this will depend how soon we can tap the corporate sponsors,” he said.

Probable partners

This tournament will follow the Partner’s Cup basketball set up, wherein a school will be paired with a corporation.

“This is the more challenging part. The plan is to have the Partner’s Cup format similar to basketball. We are now in the process of identifying probable partners,” said Maximo.

Part of the tournament’s goal is to train Under 23 athletes so they will have an opportunity to be able to be part of the Philippine national squad.

SEA Games

“Let’s be innovative. Let’s offer another type of tournament different from the current set-up. The U-23 is actually a dream… to be able to see more Cebuano athletes playing for the National Team. Specifically, we are aiming the 2009 Southeast Asian (SEA) Games in Laos. Currently, I don’t hear of any football program or tournament that prepares our athletes for the SEA games. We have to take the initiative, and it will be in Cebu. Now if you talk of players 23 years old and younger, you can find them in the colleges. This makes the Cesafi the right organization to be tapped,” said Maximo.

Maximo has already named five teams for the tournament and these are Cesafi defending champions University of San Jose-Recoletos, University of San Carlos, University of Southern Philippines Foundation, University of the Visayas and the University of Cebu. He also said that the tournament will be longer and more exciting with a double-round robin format and he will be asking for the endorsement of different government agencies and organizations for this competition.

Meanwhile, USC head coach Gary Pangsagan believes that the plan of Maximo will benefit the collegiate teams.

“It’s a good program by Maximo. Our collegiate teams will have more exposure and will have a chance to be scouted and join the National team training pool. It can also be a preparation tournament for the Prisaa,” said University of San Carlos head coach Gary Panagsagan. (EKA)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008



Courtesy of Sun Star Newspaper (
Wednesday, October 29, 2008 issue
by Mike T. Limpag, Columnist - Fair Play

WHEN I learned Visayas Amateur Athletic Association (VAAA) founder Councilor Yayoy Alcoseba said that Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation Inc. (Cesafi) commissioner Felix Tiukinhoy’s pressure on the school owners was the reason behind the 6-1 vote on Cesafi schools not joining the VAAA, my first thought was LFS, Anakbayan and NUSP members should forget the rallies and boycotts.

If they want to change school policies, they only have to contact Tiukinhoy. It seems he is that powerful among Cebu schools. If he can make six school owners vote his way, telling schools to lower their tuition or miscellaneous fees should be a walk in the park for him.

Alcoseba has every right to be pissed. With the ban, his pet project, the VAAA, just lost its biggest draw. But then again, in the flip side of the coin, the Cesafi also has all the rights to be pissed. How can the organization put up another tournament if its members are flirting with another league?

The Cesafi, after its regular season, wants another tournament to sustain the interest, while the VAAA also wants to ride on that interest and wants Cesafi teams to join its event. Since the Cesafi is forced to protect its “cake,” VAAA is crying foul, “Hey, we want a piece, too!’’

Curiously, or sadly, all this brouhaha wouldn’t have happened had Cesafi functioned the way other ordinary school-based leagues function, they hold one tournament a year and they’re done.

But because Cesafi went a step further, and decided to hold a post-season tournament for basketball, and wants to protect that tournament, the commissioner gets accused of being divisive and against the growth of basketball and—here’s my favorite—the school owners are depicted as cowards who dance to the tune of a mere commish.

Unless it includes a date with Maria Sharapova, a million pesos won’t make me trade places with Tiukinhoy right now. As a commissioner, he’s supposed to protect the Cesafi, and not to be the Knight in Shining Armor for Cebu basketball, which isn’t exactly a damsel in distress. But any step he takes for Cesafi is perceived as “against Cebu basketball.”

Here’s a crazy suggestion for an end of all this brouhaha. Since Cesafi is for Cebu (or at least the Cebu schools associated with it) and the VAAA is “a developmental league” for the Visayas, let the two groups respect each other’s “family.”

Let the Cesafi take care and develop programs for its own members, and let VAAA take care of the rest of the Visayas, you can throw in the other Cebu-based schools who are not members of Cesafi. If the Cesafi doesn’t have any second semester program for its members, then that’s the time for VAAA to be the Knight in Shining Armor.

Otherwise, to each his own.

Oh well, that’s just a thought. Let’s leave basketball to its own mess shall we?

Aside from that 6-1 vote, sources say the Cesafi board also approved a plan to hold a post-season tournament for football ala Partners Cup.

The plan for a post-season football tournament, I was told, was because Cesafi was elated with how the collegiate event was ran and how it got publicity, which is quite a victory considering how the Cesafi season coincides with the Aboitiz Football Cup.

Judging from the interaction in the, the website for Cesafi football, fans are closely following the action, while the players are happy that aside from the traditional media, Cesafi football has cemented a presence in the internet.

I hope, this time around, the Cesafi will provide beta carotene for the officials, I hear it does wonder for one’s eyesight.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Jack Biantan (right), a London-based Cebuano, watches the CESAFI college game between USPF vs USC at the USC-TC Field in Talamban, Cebu City. He was the former Sports Editor of Sun Star Cebu Newspaper and currently writes an on-line column in Thanks for following the game. Welcome back to Cebu!

Sunday, October 26, 2008



Courtesy of Sun Star Newspaper (
Sunday, October 26, 2008 issue
by Edri K. Aznar, Staff Reporter
Mike Limpag, Sports Editor

IN a heated battle for the top spot of the collegiate division of the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation Inc. football competition, the 2006 champion University of San Carlos (USC) emerged victorious against the No.1 University of Southern Philippines Foundation (USPF), 2-1, yesterday at the USC-Technology Center football grounds.

USC wasted no time on the offensive end as Kenyan midfielder Maurice Chebasa scored an early goal in the third minute.

USPF battled ruggedly for control of the ball and it paid off when midfielder Valentine Ragasajo scored the first goal for his team with an accurate long shot that breezed past through the tight guard of USC goalkeeper Chris Escudero to tie the match at 1-1.

In the second half, striker Kyle Vincent Soriano capped his first goal of the match and his third of the season for the lead.

Soriano got through the defense after a well-timed through pass by Mark Anthony Plando for an uncontested shot at pointblank range.

USC controlled the midfield battle in the second half with the leadership of Melvin Elle.

Unfortunately Elle was kicked out in the waning minutes after being getting a red card for a devastating tackle on Edmar Galacio.

Elle will be out in USC’s final elimination match against the defending champion University of San Jose-Recoletos.

However, USC Coach Gary Panagsagan, is not bothered by the loss of Elle.

“It’s okay because we still have a lot of talented bench players who will take over his role,” said Panagsagan in an interview with Sun.Star Cebu.

USC is mostly composed of young players and they have three Kenyan players to further solidify their roster.

Panagsagan said that his players are very hungry for another championship crown and that is the reason that they emerged victorious for the top spot.

“Our team really wanted to get the No.1 spot that’s why they worked so hard to win this game,” told Panagsagan.

USC now has 10 points in four games, while USPF is at second with nine points after suffering its first loss.

Meanwhile, USJ-R and University of Cebu ended in a 2-2 shutout.


Courtesy of The Freeman Newspaper (
Sunday, October 26, 2008 issue
by Caecent No-ot Magsumbol, Staff Writer
Manny Villaruel, Sports Editor

The University of San Carlos (USC) beat the University of Southern Philippine Foundation (USPF) 2-1 yesterday in college division of the 2008 CESAFI football tournament at their own turf.

The win put USC on top of the leader board, dislodging erstwhile leader USPF.

In the other game, the University of Cebu (UC) and defending champion University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJ-R) fought to a 2-2 draw.

Maurice Chebasa scored USC’s first goal in 3rd minute of the first half.

Action got physical after that as Chebasa received a yellow card while USPF’s Bernard Rotich and Edgar Galacio received warnings.

USPF leveled the count 1-1 in the 37th minute after a Valentine Ragasajo goal.

The game got more physical in the second half as both teams tried to score the marginal point.

Kyle Vincent Soriano managed to sneak in a goal for USC in the 68th minute.

The win puts USC on top of standing with a spotless 3-0 card or equivalent to 10 points. USPF slid to the second spot with 1-1-0 card for nine points.

The second game of the day was a slambang affair.

USJ-R was leading 1-0 at the half after a goal from Paul Nino dela Victoria. A few minutes into the second half, Robert Mamac found the net for 2-0 lead.

UC, however, refused to give up and equalized late in the game with goals from Julius Jumao and Rodney Gandionco in the 85th and 88th minute, respectively.

The draw pulled USJ-R to third with a 1-1-2 record that is good for five points. UC, with a 0-2-2 mark, has two points.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Courtesy of Sun Star Newspaper (
Saturday, October 25, 2008 issue
by Edri K. Aznar, Staff Reporter
Mike Limpag, Sports Editor

THE top two teams of the collegiate division of the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation Inc. football tournament, the undefeated University of Southern Philippines Foundation (USPF) and the University of San Carlos (USC), will clash today at the USC-Technology Center football field to determine which team will occupy the No. 1 spot this week.

USPF, which has nine points in three games, will be without brilliant striker and the league’s top scorer Rene Sanchez Jr. going in to today’s match against USC.

Sanchez will be serving his one-game suspension today after he accumulated two yellow cards in their 3-0 victory over the University of Cebu. Meanwhile, it will be a must win situation for UC to stay in the semifinal race as it battles the third-ranked University of San Jose-Recoletos squad.

UC has a one point, while USJR has four points.

On the other hand, it will be a walk in the park for UV as it faces the winless Cebu Doctors University.

UV’s three key players—team captain Frederick Alazas, striker Junard Aguilar and midfielder Julius Acre—will be lacing up their cleats as they are cleared to play for today’s game. The three sat out their previous game after accumulating two yellow cards. The games will start at 9 a.m. (EKA)


Courtesy of The Freeman Newspaper (
Saturday, October 25, 2008 issue
by Caecent No-ot Magsumbol, Staff Writer
Manny Villaruel, Sports Editor

The University of San Carlos will try to dislodge the University of Southern Philippines Foundation (USPF) from the leaderboard as the 8th Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation Inc. (CESAFI) football tournament resumes today at the USC-Technological Center field in Brgy. Talamban, this city. Gametime is set at 1 pm.

The USC Golden Booters are currently ranked second to USPF, thus, a win today will vault them to the top of the totem pole.

In the other games, the University of Cebu will take on defending champion University of San Jose-Recoletos, while the University of the Visayas will square off against Cebu Doctors’ University.

The UC-USJR match is something to watch out for as UC is in a must-win situation for them to barge into the semifinal round.

UV,on the other hand, is still looking for its first win after ending their first three games in a draw.

With the return of some of its key players who have had already served their one-game suspension, the UV Green Booters are expected to thrash CDU with as many goals as they possibly could. – Caecent No-ot Magsumbol

Friday, October 24, 2008


CESAFI UNITED. University of San Carlos - North Campus (white) bagged 3rd Place and University of San Jose - Recoletos (yellow) captured 4th Place in the 2008 CESAFI Football Cup - High School Division, October 4-18, 2008 at the USC-TC Field, Talamban, Cebu City. The tournament is managed by PaBolFC.
2nd Place - University of Southern Philippines Foundation (USPF)

Champions - Don Bosco Technology Center (DBTC)

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Field of dreams.



MY MIND took an unscheduled vacation the past few days and a heavier than usual workload meant I couldn’t think of a topic for today’s column.

However, a check for reactions from previous posts in my blog saved me from a non-appearance today. Here’s from someone who identified himself as Visayanian ( and guest100 ( I’m just including excerpts and have edited some parts.

“I have read the news last week.. please, ayaw himu-a og blog ang imong newspaper column…It’s not about your emotion to just put something nga dili tinuo-d on your column or blog… ma uwaw pud intawun ka..Have you been to UV? or been a student of UV? Have you experienced being a varsity of UV?...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


DBTC Coach Glen Ramos, plotting his tactics to thwart USPF's attempt to snatch the title away from them.

Monday, October 20, 2008



USPF Panthers ... run like a leopard

UC Acrobatic Troupe?!

UC striker Rodney "Tisoy" Gandionco tries to steal the ball away from the USPF goalkeeper.


Courtesy of Sun Star Newspaper (
Monday, October 20, 2008 issue
by Edri K. Aznar, Staff Reporter
Mike Limpag, Sports Editor

EVEN with the absence three of its key players, the University of the Visayas still managed to fight to a draw against the No. 2 team University of San Carlos in the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation Inc. football last Saturday at the USC-Technology Center pitch.

UV was without team captain Frederick Alazas, playmaker Julius Acre and talented striker Junard Aguilar because they were suspended for one game after acquiring their second yellow cards.

USC striker Kyle Vincent Soriano drew first blood with a strike at the 25th minute for the 1-0 lead.

However, UV, the first team to snap the University of San Jose-Recoletos’ four-year reign, managed to find an equalizer due to the effort of midfielder John Sulib capping his first goal of the tournament.

With this draw USC still remains in second place, behind University of Southern Philippines-Foundation with seven points in three games, while UV slipped from third to fourth with three points also in three games.

Both teams shared possession of the ball equally, however, UV had a better look at the goal with 12 of its 15 shots hitting the target while USC only had seven of its 16 shots on target.

Meanwhile, Cebu Doctors University suffered another beating as it was trampled by the defending champions University of San Jose-Recoletos, 11-0.

Things started badly for CDU as midfielder Patrick Grandl opened the scoring with an own goal in the 12th minute and then USJ-R followed up with a barrage of goals.

Earl Yagao, Adrianne Mejaran and Robert Mamac lead the scorers with two goals each while Paul Dela Victoria, Jonathan Jamili, Russel Layumas and Eduardo Buglosa had a goal apiece.

USJ-R overtook UV at third place with four points while CDU is still at the bottom with zero.

Next Saturday, USC will be facing the undefeated and No. 1 team USP-F,while UV will have an easy time as they will be up against the winless Cebu Doctors’ College.

Fifth-ranked University of Cebu, which has one point in three games, will take on USJ-R. (EKA)


Courtesy of The Freeman Newspaper (
Monday, October 20, 2008 issue
by Caecent No-ot Magsumbol, Staff Writer
Manny Villaruel, Sports Editor

The University of Southern Philippines Foundation (USPF) Kicking Panthers coasted to their third straight victory in as many games with a 3-0 whitewash of the University of Cebu (UC) in the collegiate division of the 2008 Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation, Inc. (CESAFI) football event yesterday at the University of San Carlos (USC)-Technological Center in Brgy, Talamban,this city.

USPF’s Rene Sanchez Jr. sneaked in two goals at 37th and 76th, while John Phil Opigal plunged the final nail on UC’s coffin with a last-second shot.

USPF, however, couldn’t celebrate fully as Sanchez cannot see action in their next game as he was meted with a one-game suspension after being handed two yellow cards.

On the other hand, defending champion University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJ-R) bounced back from a frustrating defeat last week and vented its wrath on league newcomer Cebu Doctors’ University,11-0.

USJ-R grabbed all its opportunity to score, with 90 percent of the ball possession belonging to them.

Earl Yagao, Adrienne Mejaran and Robert Mamac posted two goals each, while the likes of Patrick Grandl, Paul de la Victoria, Jonathan Jamili, Russel Layuma and Eduardo Buglos Jr. had one goal each.

The University of the Visayas, which was without three of their star players who served their suspension, fought to a 1-1 draw. – Caecent No-ot Magsumbol

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Courtesy of Cebu Daily News (
Sunday, October 19, 2008 issue
by Jonas Panerio, Correspondent
Rick Gabuya, Sports Editor

The high school booters of Don Bosco College (DBC) once again reigned supreme as they came away with the championship in the Cesafi football tournament following their 3-0 demolition job of University of Southern Philippines Foundation (USPF) yesterday at the University of San Carlos (USC) - Technological Center football field in Talamban.

With the tournament adopting the league type format, which means that the squad with the most number of points at the end of the tournament being declared the champion, the two went squads went at it for all the marbles in an exciting match pitting the competition's two best squads.

In the end, it was DBC that came away smelling like roses as it frustrated its opponents with its deft passing and ball control.

It was neck-to-neck in the game's first 38 minutes until Mike Limalima broke the drought with a penalty kick conversion in the 39th minute.

James Nacorda followed suit with a goal of his own 11 minutes later as he pieced the net with an attack from the right flank.

Finally, the nail in the coffin came from Christian Noel as his hard kick bounced off the hands of USPF's goalie and found its way into the back of the net in the 65th minute.

So dominant was DBC that they outshot USPF 17-1, had more free kicks 17-12, and had ball possession 80% of the time of the match, according to the statistics provided by tournament manager, Jonathan "Maxi" Maximo.

DBC took the title after amassing nine points off their three wins while USPF wound up in second, after tallying six points.

USC-North took third place after winning over the University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJ-R), 3-1, in the day's other match.