Friday, January 25, 2013


When you are up against a government-backed team, expect firepower.

Philippine Navy dominated today's Stage 10 Team Time Trial (TTT) 80km of Ronda Pilipinas.  Their performance reflects of how you can describe the team in the photo - organized and united.

Team Philippine Navy riders and officials.  One for all, all for one.
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Cebuano John Renee Mier will not be on the starting block to pull his PLDT-Spyder Team to the finish line in today's Stage 10 80km Team Time Trial (TTT) Ronda Pilipinas.  The time-trial specialist unfortunately DNF'd in Stage 5 in his hometown Cebu.  He suffered extreme stomach problem forcing him to quit the stage and have no choice but to abandon the race.

In the Team Time Trial (TTT) competition, each team will be released with an interval of five (5) minutes from each other.  The team with the fastest time (based on the clocking of the 3rd rider) in crossing the finish line wins the stage!
John Renee Mier
Young Rider Award - 2012 Ronda Pilipinas
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Thursday, January 24, 2013


This time, the PLDT-Spyder team captain made it on top of the podium in today's Stage 9 Ronda Pilipinas.  Mark Bonzo of Sual, Pangasinan is the new hero of the day.  He is the son of 1983 Marlboro Tour champion Romeo Bonzo.
Mark Bonzo
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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Rustom Lim, another PLDT-Spyder rider, wins today's Young Rider Award and Stage 8 Ronda Pilipinas.  Rustom, a native of Guimba, Nueva Ecija, is a bronze medalist in the 2011 Asian Cycling Championships in Thailand.

"After learning that El Joshua Carino, then running second overall heading to the Tarlac-Subic Stage Seven, reeled to last place after suffering a flat rear tire, Lim willingly slowed down and waited for the former – not just to guide him back but also to give up his bike, and practically the race.

Though the 19-year-old Carino dropped to No. 6, he remained in the title hunt, thanks to Lim’s unselfish act and teammanship.

Now, given a chance to shine, Lim seized the moment.

“I’m really ready to give up my bike or anything for a teammate because he (Carino) is more important to the team than myself,” said Lim" - Philippine Star

"Rustom Lim made a selfless act and was rewarded generously with a first career stage triumph. Lim never left his teammate until the end of the stage but the blowout dropped CariƱo from second to sixth overall." - Phil Daily Inquirer

Rustom Lim gathers his thoughts prior to the race in Stage 4 Ronda Pilipinas last January 17, 2013 in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu.
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Monday, January 21, 2013


Ronald Oranza of PLDT-Spyder makes headlines by grabbing both the Young Rider award and the Stage 7 win in Ronda Pilipinas - a 180km road race from Tarlac to Subic.

This young guy will be a hot pick for Young Rider Award and Over-All honors.  Check out his stats so far: he can sprint (Total Sprint King in Stage 4), he can climb (4th Place Stage 5) and he can win a stage too! (Stage 7).  Traits of an all-around cyclist.
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Saturday, January 19, 2013


AFTER several foiled attempts at a podium finish, Team Cebu Y101 FM Marvin Tapic finally succeeded in the 2013 Ronda Pilipinas after finishing third in yesterday’s Stage 5, which started in Lapu-Lapu City and finished in Mountainview Natures Park in Barangay Busay, Cebu.

Tapic crossed the finish line in 4:39:21, which was good for third place. Winning the stage was El Joshua Carino of team PLDT/Spyder in 4:34:55 followed by Irish Valenzuela of American Vinyl/LPGMA-AVL with 4:37:41.

“I finally made a podium finish. I really thought dili nako makaya after what happened in Stage 4 when I slowed down in the last seven kilometers kay luya na and was left behind by the breakaway group. But I told myself, I am in Cebu, uphill routes are my specialty. Mamawi ko and double my effort,” said Tapic.

Tapic may have failed to win the King of the Mountain (KOM) for this stage, but he came in second.

Leading the over-all KOM ranking was Irish Valenzuela, who earned a total of 22 points. Tapic is one point behind for second place.

In Stage 1, Tapic finished fifth but dropped in the overall ranking when he encountered a technical problem in Stage 2.

He said he hopes to continue climbing up the standing as the race progresses. He is now currently eighth in the overall standing.

Meanwhile, for his feat, the 19-year-old Carino strengthened his hold of the top ranking of the over-all best young rider award.

Before this stage, riders underestimated the route.

“I heard that Cebu will have a killer stage but some think the Bayombong to Baguio City route in Stage 14 would be more difficult. But after today, all I can say is ang hirap. Doble talaga ang hirap. It was very steep especially in the last two kilometers of the climb,” said Carino, who is also a member of the LBC developmental team supported by MVP Sports Foundation.

Another member of Team Cebu Y101 FM, Emelito Atilano, finished ninth yesterday to improve the team’s standing.

“I am happy that our cyclists displayed a very impressive performance sa duha ka stage nga gi hold diri sa atong own turf. I just hope that they will be consistent with what they showed here para ma improve sad among standing,” team manager Amis Urgel said.

The team is currently ranked fifth in the overall ranking.

Over-all leader

Valenzuela is also the new overall leader of the race with a total time of 18:21:12.

Last leg’s leader Santy Barnachea of the Philippine Navy/Standard Insurance-PNS dropped to seventh overall.

Valenzuela is closely followed by Carino with 18:22:48 for the second place and Ronald Oranza of team PLDT/Sypder at third with 18:23:10.

One of Cebu’s top young cyclists, John Mier, dropped from the race after his health condition continued to deteriorate.

Mier has not felt well since Stage 1, but he raced anyway and tried to keep up with the top riders.

This time, his body gave up on him and he did not finish the race.

This will greatly affect Mier’s bid to defend his best young rider title that he won last year.

LBC Ronda Pilipinas will now move to Luzon with stage six to unfurl on Jan. 20 which will be a 128.3-km ride from Malolos City Hall to Tarlac City.

Friday, January 18, 2013


El Joshua Carino of Mangaldan, Pangasinan used his young legs to power himself into the #1 podium finish of Stage 5 of Ronda Pilipinas 2013.
Considered as the toughest stage of the Ronda tour punishing the cyclists from Lapu-Lapu City to Busay Hills, Cebu City via the dreaded TransCentral Highway in Balamban,  the PLDT-Spyder rider relegated 2-time King of the Mountain (KOM) Ronda Pilipinas Irish Valenzuela into 2nd place.
El Joshua Carino (PLDT-Spyder) in racing mode prior to the start of Stage 5 Ronda Pilipinas in Lapu-Lapu City Hall, Cebu.
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Sun Star Newspaper.  TEAM Cebu Y101 FM ‘s Warren Davadilla leads the over-all King of the Mountain (KOM) after Stage 4 of the 2013 LBC Ronda Pilipinas, which started and ended at the Plaza Independencia yesterday.

The 134.2-kilometer Stage 4 had three KOM Stages and Davadilla won two.

Davadilla, the Marlboro international champion 1998, also secured the fourth spot in the individual stage classification after crossing the finish line in 3:45:09. Stage 4 was topped by Harvey Sicam of Roadbike Philippines/RTS-RPR in 3:45:02. Ryan Tugawin of Team Enrile got second place in 3:45:04, while Rey Martin was third in 3:45:04.

“It was a very rough and tough race, we are glad we were able to pull it off. Another challenge awaits us tomorrow (today),” the 33-year-old Davadilla said.

In the over-all KOM classification Davadilla earned a total of 10 points and will be wearting the white jersey. He is followed by teammate Marvin Tapic at nine points, while Rudy Roque of American Vinyl/LPGMA-AVL is third with eight points.

Meanwhile, the peloton almost got lost after a signage directing the group to pass through the Mantalongon- Barili route was stolen, causing the group to take the wrong turn to Sibonga after reaching the Carcar rotunda.

According to race director Rick Rodriguez, someone took the signage but it only took them a few seconds to realize they got the wrong route and stopped the group and got back in the right track.
In the last seven kilometers towards the finish line, Tapic slowed down and left the breakaway group as he wasn’t able to keep up.

“Naluya nako kay nahutdan ko og supply. Laspag pa kaayo ko ron, but I hope na maka cover ko and will be on top of my condition as we race for Stage 5,”said Tapic.

Team manager Amis Urgel said that the mountain climb is Tapic’s specialty and he hopes that his team will take advantage of their familiarity with the route.

Stage 5, considered as the “killer stage,” covers a 156.8 kilometers from Lapu-Lapu City to the northern Cebu.

Today, motorists going to the airport are advised not to use the first bridge to avoid traffic. Half othe road from the foot of the Marcelo Fernan bridge up to the Lapu-Lapu City hall will be closed from 8:40 a.m. to 9:10 a.m.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Published in Sun Star Newspaper on January 16, 2013 Wednesday issue
John Pages, Match Point columnist
Mike Limpag, Sports Editor

Oprah Winfrey has interviewed everybody famous from Michael Jackson to Charice to Barack Obama. But, to the 58-year-old billionaire who is considered “the world’s most influential woman,” there is no bigger TV sit-down than the one that will air tomorrow 10 a.m. (Philippine time) over

Did he or did he not?

The answer is obvious. He did. He did inject drugs. He did lie. He did “pass” 500+ tests to never test positive of PEDs. He did harass and threaten anyone who questioned his “clean” life. Now we know: Lance Armstrong, once the most iconic and revered of human beings, is no chemical-free Ironman.
“It was like a world crashing on top of me,” said Oscar “Boying” Rodriguez, one LA’s biggest fans in Cebu. Boying has not only worn the yellow Livestrong band for a decade, he also wears Oakley, Giro and the Livestrong Edition Nike —Lance’s complete battle gear.

“At first, I refused to believe the allegations. Maybe because he had inspired a multitude of people, most especially cancer patients including a close relative of mine,” said Boying. Every one of Lance’s seven Tour de France wins, including his triathlon and mountain-bike triumphs, Boying followed. “I dreamt and imagined I was riding shotgun on a bike behind him! Then the USADA report came out. I was still hesitant to believe it. But when he was stripped of his titles and when Pat Mcquaid of UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale), the world governing body of which I am a member of (being an International Commissaire for MTB) confirmed the finding of USADA, it was a reality that slowly sunk in.”

Boying calls Lance’s fall a “crash.” But, ever his lifelong supporter, Boying adds, “I think he deserves a second chance!”

Chris Aldeguer, another lifelong biker and Lance fan, is less apologetic. The owner of Vellum Cycles, Chris knows the inner workings of the cycling community. He says that it’s no secret how most take PEDs.

“Maybe Lance was really the fastest guy in the Peleton but he certainly did not deserve any of the wins. It was right to strip him of his 7 Yellow Jerseys,” he says.

“I believe Lance totally mismanaged this crisis. People may forgive him if he admitted and apologized using PEDS during the Tour. Not only did he constantly deny, and lie about it, he attacked and threatened those who accused him. He was very arrogant about it. I believe this case hurts the Livestrong Foundation and the Cancer community even more than it damages the Sport of Cycling. His mainstream status brought this negativity in the limelight.”

True. If we look back in history, plenty of drug cheats were caught. Ben Johnson. Marion Jones. Barry Bonds is accused by everyone. But none of them carry a higher moral stature than Lance. Only now, when he’s got no helmet to cover his face, is he confessing to Oprah.

Jonathan “Maxi” Maximo agrees with Chris Aldeguer in how excruciating the 21-day, 3,360-km. event is that’s the Tour de France.

“Multi-stage cycling is such a difficult race that if you want to contend for the podium year in year out, you have to be like Incredible Hulk!” says Maxi, whose son Igi is a national-caliber junior cyclist.

“How about for TdF organizers, who make the race extremely hard, to put up separate categories for dopers and non-dopers? That will level the playing field!” Maxi joked.

“Seriously, Armstrong’s admission will be good for cycling in the long run. It has opened our eyes to the reality. In fairness to LA, I support his Livestrong Foundation. I had the opportunity to race in Seattle for the Livestrong Challenge. I believed in their cause. It has helped my mom battle and survive the big C.”

This is a sad day for sports. It’s a sad day for honesty.

For with Lance, though he’s helped raise over $500 million to fight the Big C, he will be forever remembered for another Big C:

Big Cheater.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


17-year old Cebuano junior cyclist Luis Miguel "Igimax" Maximo of Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU) taking the steep roads of Transcentral Highway in Balamban, Cebu

Tuesday, January 01, 2013


January 4 Saturday

January 5 Sunday

January 11 Saturday
Bike: Tour ni Frank @ Mandaue City

January 12 Sunday
Bike: Tour ni Frank @ Busay Hills, Cebu City
Run: Cebu Marathon 21/42k @ Cebu City

January 18 Saturday

January 19 Sunday
Sinulog @ Cebu City
Aqua: PSC Aquathlon @ Manila

January 25 Saturday

January 26 Sunday

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February 1 Saturday

February 2 Sunday
Tri: Natl Age Group Triathlon - Leg 1 @ Subic Bay

February 8 Saturday

February 9 Sunday

February 15 Saturday

February 16 Sunday
Run: Dream Marathon @ Nuvali, Laguna

February 22 Saturday
Tri: Challenge Philippines 1.9k/90k/21k @ Subic Bay

February 23 Sunday
Tri: Challenge Philippines @ Subic Bay

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March 1 Saturday

March 2 Sunday

March 8 Saturday
Tri: Xterra Off-Road Triathlon @ Cebu

March 9 Sunday
Run: Xterra Trail Run @ Cebu
Tri: Tri United - Leg 1 @ Subic Bay

March 15 Saturday

March 16 Sunday
Run: Run United

March 22 Saturday
Bike: Tour of Clark @ Clark, Pampanga

March 23 Sunday
Bike: Tour of Clark @ Clark, Pampange

March 27 Saturday

March 28 Sunday

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April 5 Saturday

April 6 Sunday

April 12 Saturday

April 13 Sunday

April 19 Saturday

April 20 Sunday

April 26 Saturday
Bike: Tour of Friendship 04.26-30.14 @ Thailand

April 27 Sunday
Tri: Asian Triathlon Championships @ Subic Bay

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June 1 Sunday

June 7 Saturday

June 8 Sunday

June 14 Saturday

June 15 Sunday

June 21 Saturday

June 22 Sunday

June 28 Saturday

June 29 Sunday
Tri: Century Tuna 5150 Triathlon @ Subic Bay

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August 2 Saturday
Tri: Ironkids Triathlon @ Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu

August 3 Sunday
Tri: Ironman 70.3 Philippines @ Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu

August 9 Saturday

August 10 Sunday

August 16 Saturday

August 17 Sunday

August 23 Saturday

August 24 Sunday

August 30 Saturday

August 31 Sunday

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September 6 Saturday

September 7 Sunday

September 13 Saturday

September 14 Sunday

September 20 Saturday

September 21 Sunday

September 27 Saturday

September 28 Sunday
Tri: Safeguard Active 5150 Triathlon @ Bohol

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