Sunday, August 21, 2011


August 21, 2011
Order Name Time
1st BERCEDE, DALE 00:25:12.350
2nd SULATRE, JONATHAN 00:31:49.180
3rd GANDIONCO, PATRICK 00:32:33.120
4th PACALDO, BRYAN 00:38:12.120
5th CHU, JAN 00:44:01.440
6th VILLAPEZ, ELROY R. 00:49:56.760
7th SO, HERBERT 00:53:36.620
8th TORRES, PAULO ANTHONY 01:01:01.560
Order Name Time
1st PEREZ, ISSA 00:41:44.770
3rd ALGUIRE, JANICA 00:57:29.440
4th COLLADO, HANIEZA ROSE  01:00:44.380
5th DY, IRIS DOMINIQUE 01:00:48.640
6th TAN, GIANN MARYGLYN 01:00:58.870
Order Name Time
1st Codera, Brende 00:48:39.030
2nd Berberio, Charlie 00:49:44.990
3rd Plona, William 00:54:42.920
4th Burdette, Chris 00;55:48.85
5th Eustaquio, Roland 00:58:44.540
6th Ong, John 00:59:02.540
7th Canete, Joe 00:59:57.080
8th Lao, RJ 01:01:02.310
9th Monsanto, Victor 01:01:39.560
10th Cardenas, Daniel 01:02:11.550
Order Name Time
1st Rosas, Emily 01:05:30.810
2nd Tan, Rochelle 01:13:36.930
3rd Amores, Jackelyn 01:16:03.090
4th Corea, Chantel 01:17:00.280
5th Aranas, Gwendale 01:17:18.790
6th Mayani, Erlinda 01:19:18.130
7th   01:19:50.410
8th Lumayno, Mimi 01:21:03.100
9th Villapaz, Princess 01:21:46.180
10th Cellan, Teresita 01:22:37.670
Order Name Time
1st TOLEDO, MARY ADRIANNE 00:17:30.920
2nd DELIARTE, JUVENIA 00:18:03.420
3rd AZUCENAS, ANALYN C. 00:19:40.640
4th CASTILLO, NOELLE 00:20:26.940
5th ANGUS, ALY 00:20:28.010
6th DELA PENA, APRIL 00:20:29.120
7th SOMOSA, KATTLEN ANNE M. 00:20:52.650
8th MOLINAS, APRILYN T. 00:21:15.360
Order Name Time
1st JEN JEE JIN 00:12:36.170
2nd NULADA, RUFFY JOHN 00:13:08.240
3rd LEE, DANIEL 00:13:56.120
5th ASOY, JC 00:14:06.340
6th TARIFE, ROLEN 00:14:12.890
7th DELAS PENAS, JOSE BRYAN 00:14:29.010
8th PAGES, PAUL 00:14:44.010
9th RUBIN, RONALDO 00:15:16.870
Order Name Time
1st Missos, Abraham 01:13:01.190
2nd Singson, Adonis 01:15:21.340
3rd Managil, Moh Sherwin 01:15:56.096
4th Gongzaga, Jess 01:18:06.852
5th Enriguez, Riez 01:18:32.165
6th Estrada, Harold Jr. 01:26:05.701
7th Gilles, Randy 01:33:02.687
8th Banzon, Ruth 01:37:17.883
9th Pabatang, Jon-Jon 01:37:45.909
10th Caliso, Eldie 01:39:07.408
Order Name Time
1st Tutor, Christy 01:38:57.861
2nd Lagahit, Alyssa 01:42:12.452
3rd Dunkin, Merlita 01:42:13.116
4th Ponce, Melinda 01:51:18.620
5th Parajenog, Virginia 01:54:54.722
6th Donna Cruz Larrazabal 01:59:52.252
7th Jopson, Amale 01:59:53.080
8th   02:00:26.416
9th Abellana, Odiza 02:03:44.869
10th Canape, Mary-an 02:03:48.422
Source: SAFE

Saturday, August 20, 2011


September 3-4, 2011
Clark, Pampanga

Stages 1 & 3 Map

Stage 2 Map

September 3 Saturday

8:00AM Stage 1: Team Time Trial 23.7 km/loop
Women: 1 loop
Executive Mens A&B/Masters: 2 loops

2:00PM Stage 2: Circuit Race 10.5 km/loop
Women/Juniors: 4 loops
Executive Mens A&B/Masters: 6 loops

September 4 Sunday

8:00AM Stage 3: Road Race 23.7 km/loop
Women/Juniors: 4 loops (with 1 neutral loop)
Executive Mens A&B/Masters: 5 loops (with 1 neutral loop)


July 23-24, 2011
Bohol, Philippines

Day 1 Stage 2: ROAD RACE 55KM
Tagbilaran City to Chocolate Hills, Carmen

Luis Miguel "Igimax" Maximo

Jon Simbajon, Igimax

Michael Mancio & Boy Tiples

Tyre Lambo

Francis "Kiko" Lim

Michael "Bigmig" Flores

Friday, August 19, 2011


July 23-24, 2011
Bohol, Philippines

Day 1 Stage 2: ROAD RACE 55KM
Tagbilaran City to Chocolate Hills, Carmen

The start of the climb towards "Tinae sa Manok" route.  The winding road is similar to a chicken's intestine.

Rommel Limpangug, Jon Simbajon, Igi Maximo and a local rider has successfully separated themselves from the chasing peloton

Grind it.  Dig deep

Notice the winding road at the background

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


July 23-24, 2011
Bohol, Philippines

Day 1 Stage 2: ROAD RACE 55KM
Tagbilaran City to Chocolate Hills, Carmen

Rommel Limpangug, Jon Simbajon & Igi Maximo form the new breakaway

This road leads to the (in)famous "Tinae sa Manok" route


Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Click to enlarge

Published in Sun Star Newspaper on August 15, 2011 Monday issue

"I'd like to reach for the Olympic gold and bring honor to the Philippines," such a lofty and noble words coming from a sixteen year old!  Luis Miguel "Igi" Maximo, a fourth year high school student at the PAREF Springdale School is avidly pursuing a career in cycling.

He might achieve his goal yet!  His Dad is behind him plotting out dates and he knows this is a long term process.  Since no Olympic gold has ever been won for the Philippines yet, this might bring the greatest honor.  "I dream of winning the Philippines' first gold medal.  I would bring international pride for the Filipino." he said.

"Yet the emphasis is on being a student athlete without dropping out of school.  School is still the most important." Igi stresses.  So despite his many sports activities, Igi remains among the top of his class and is even vying for top honors.

So he deligently juggles his time between school and sports, aiming for excellence.  To keep him going, he drinks Summit Natural Drinking Water to stay hydrated for maximum performance in handling the pressure.

Springdale seems to be a supportive venue for Igi and his dual passions since the school encourages its students to become active in sports.  The school has expanded to eight sports this year, including taekwondo, golf, scrabble, chess, badminton and table tennis, aside from cycling and soccer.

To Cyclist and student Igi Maximo however, cycling comes a bit deeper.  He is three-time Junior 15-U Champion 2010 Phil Premiere Cycling League, 2011 Junior Cycling Awardee - Sportswriters Association of Cebu (SAC), and seven-time Athlete of the Year - Paref Springdale School.

His latest achievement is placing sixth in the 2010 Redlands Bicycle Classic in California and joining the L.A. Circuit, U.S.A.  Now he is aiming for the Asian Junior Championships in Kuala Lumpur.

Igi extends his passion to a higher level, to a form of vision for Philippine Sports.  "Cycling is not yet popular here.  Not many juniors are into it, so I hope to promote the sport," he said.  "I wish to see the day when a lot of boys my age pursue the sport and get to live it as much as I do."

Monday, August 15, 2011


Published in The Freeman Newspaper on August 15, 2011 Monday issue
by Jose Vicente Araneta, Columnist - Allez
Manny Villaruel, Sports Editor

...The most common question to be asked about Taylor is this: will he win the Tour de France in the future? At this point, it’s unlikely. At 6”4’, 180lbs, Taylor is a relative giant. Cycling is a POWER-TO-WEIGHT ratio sport and the bigger you are, the more difficult it is to climb the mountains. There’s not a lot of Tour winners near Taylor’s size but the nearest would be Jan Ullrich, Miguel Indurain and Bjarne Riis who stood just a shade over 6 feet.If there is a race that would fit Phinney, it’s the time trials and the sprints. Paris-Roubaixis also a perfect fit.

But if he were to scale the mountains like Alberto Contador, it would take a few more years to develop and adapt his body. Armstrong wasn’t a climber when he started racing. He only became a contender when he lost a lot of muscle mass after he got cancer. If Taylor is patient, I’d say he has a good chance to win the Tour one day. Unlike most Americans who raced in Europe, Taylor has an excellent support group. He is levelheaded and his parents are always behind him. BMC’s manager, Jim Ochowicz, is also the same guy who managed the career of Davis with 7-11.

RACE NOTES: The inaugural Tour of Bohol will be on September 24 and 25 this year…Thanks to AndorSabal for spearheading the weekly Cebu Cycling Crit series…thanks also to Eve and Diego… Hasta la vista, Igimax!!! - THE FREEMAN

Sunday, August 14, 2011


July 23-24, 2011
Bohol, Philippines

Day 1 Stage 2: ROAD RACE 55KM
Tagbilaran City to Chocolate Hills, Carmen

The climb has started.  BigMig still leads the peloton

And the climbers in the group want to take over.  Tyre Lambo, Rommel, Igimax and Boy Tiples notch it higher.

The roads are getting steeper now

Tyre Lambo of Leo Cebu starts to pull away...

Followed by Jon Simbajon, Rommel, Igimax and Mike Mancio, which surprises the field with his climbing ability in spite of being new in road racing.

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Published in Sun Star Cebu Newspaper on Aug. 14, 2011 Sunday issue
by Al S. Mendoza, Columnist - All Write
Mike Limpag, Sports Editor

IT didn’t happen. When it used to, this time, there was none of it: Miracles that kept happening so that you’d be justified if you say the dude had made a pact with the devil.

Still, when Tiger Woods got cut yesterday in the PGA Championship, it seemed like everybody had expected it.

Struggling to survive after opening up with a 7-over-par 77, he shot 73 and missed the cut for only the third time in a major in 15 years.

The cut was four-over and, by golly, he was 10-over.

Is this really the Tiger Woods we once knew, who won 14 majors, 16 world titles and 72 victories overall since turning pro in 1996?

Missing the PGA cut left the Masters as the only major where Tiger Woods hasn’t been left out for weekend play.

But everybody knows the reason: Tiger Woods has lost his mind ever since he got caught engaging in extramarital affairs on Nov. 23, 2009.

You lose your mind in golf, you are a goner, for the game is virtually all mental.

When Tiger Woods was winning those majors, everybody said he’d easily break the 18 majors won by Jack Nicklaus. Even Nicklaus believed.

But when we see a phenom, a genius, we tend to forget the intangibles, the X-factors.

The soldier-father of Tiger Woods taught everything to Tiger: golf, intimidation, discipline, mind game.

But there was one crucial thing he forgot to teach his son: Commitment to the one you love.

His womanizing unearthed, Tiger Woods lost his wife, not to mention $100-million in divorce settlement.

If someone’s crying a river yet again over this latest blow on Tiger’s terrible terrain now, it could only be Tida, his Thai mother.

Our mothers have always been our last refuge—in our youth or middle age, and even in our old age.

No doubt Tida has forgiven her son —as we all did, I believe—for his indiscretion. Everybody deserves a second chance, after all.

So, until Tiger Woods regains his bearings, let’s hear it from Tiger himself after he got cut: “Now I’ll have nothing to do but work on my game.”

I disagree. More of the mind than of the game that he should work on.

Or was his Dad remiss on that, too?


Published in the Sun.Star Cebu newspaper on August 14, 2011.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


July 23-24, 2011
Bohol, Philippines

Day 1 Stage 2: ROAD RACE 55KM
Tagbilaran City to Chocolate Hills, Carmen

What makes the sport of Cycling so spectacular is that it will bring you to places such as historical and tourist spots you could not have thought of visiting in the first place.  Thats what you call Cyclo-Tourism.  Lets do this for Cebu soon!

Rommel (right) and Igimax (center) start to inch their way up front.  BigMig (left) on the other hand, is just being consistent with his monicker "if you cannot perform, form" :)

Igimax taking his turn to lead the peloton

But cant help take a quick glance on a popular tourist attraction on his left...

...the Loboc River Cruise with its floaring restaurants!  To know more about this tourist attraction, click here.

The race was well coordinated with the local government.  Shown here are the Loboc police taking over the traffic control as the cyclists passed the town.  Thank you Loboc PNP!

Another famous tourist spot the cyclists passed by is the Loboc Church.  It was originally built in 1602, but soon reduced to ashes.  Learn more about it here 

How we wish we can stop and explore these famous tourist attractions.  Well, you can't have them both, its either pure racing or a picnic ride.

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Friday, August 12, 2011


click to enlarge

Published in The Freeman Newspaper on August 12, 2011 Friday issue
by Caecent No-ot Magsumbol, Staff Writer
Manny Villaruel, Sports Editor

CEBU, Philippines - Cebu’s most popular junior cyclist today, Luis Miguel “Igimax” Maximo goes to Spain for a much needed reflection whether to pursue cycling as a career or focus on studies alone instead.

The 16-year-old senior student of Paref-Springdale School, Igimax left Cebu yesterday as one of the delegates from the Philippines for this year’s World Youth Day in Madrid, Spain. The delegation is organized by the Sugbu Study Center.

Through the WYD, Igimax gets to strengthen his faith as a Christian and as well as learn more on his purpose in life with no less than Pope Benedict XVI with them.

After the week-long WYD, it will be Igimax’s time for cycling as he witness the tour of Madrid or Vuelta a España live among other cycling-related activities.

There, Igimax hopes to feel what professional and junior cycling is all about in Spain and Europe as a whole as well as the demands, sacrifices, rewards and even frustrations of the sport.

Igimax also wants to check on the latest training program and cycling equipment and gear not to mention get the chance to be with some of the world’s top pedal-pushers.

“I want to observe their level of cycling and compare this from what I learned so far in my country. If given the chance, I will share this with my fellow Cebuanos, especially to the kids,” said Igimax before leaving for Spain.

No Pinoy or Cebuano in particular have been able to showcase its wares in any of the three grand tours in Europe—Tour de France, Giro de Italia and Vuelta a España nor has one ever climbed a podium in a World Junior Cycling Championships as well as no Pinoy cyclist has won an Olympic medal yet.

Whatever he “discovers”, Igimax hopes to get an answer whether to continue cycling in college or simply focus on studies soon.

If time permits, Igimax also hopes to experience Spanish football, his other sport by watching scrimmages of Barcelona FC and Real Madrid or even just to visit their stadiums. — THE FREEMAN


Click to enlarge

Published in Sun Star Newspaper on August 12, 2011 Friday issue
by Mike Limpag, Sports Editor

CEBUANO junior cyclist Igi Maximo will join the Philippines World Youth Day delegation in Spain and will take a sidetrip to learn about the country's cycling culture.

"I want to observe their level of cycling and compare this from what I learned so far in my country.  If given the chance, I will share this with my fellow Cebuanos, especially to the kids," Maximo said in an e-mail to Sun Star Cebu. ML


Click to enlarge

Published in Banat Newspapers on August 12, 2011 Friday issue
by Lemuel Maglinte, Staff Writer
Yoyo Abayan, Sports Editor

CEBU, Philippines - Ang Cebuano teen cycling sensation nga si Luis Miguel 'Igimax' Maximo milarga na kagahapon paingon sa Spain alang sa usa ka kalihukan.

Ang 16-anyos nga tinun-an sa Paref-Springdale School nga si Maximo, usa sa mga batan-ong delegado sa nasud sa World Youth Day didto sa Madrid, Spain ug may kahigayonan pa siya nga moduol ni Pope Benedict XVI.

Gawas sa World Youth Day, makahigayon sab si Maximo pagsaksi sa Tour of Madrid nga maoy usa sa labing dakung cycling competition didto sa Spain.

Didto iyang obserbahan ang labing moderno nga training program ug cycling equipment lakip na ang pakighimamat sa mga iladong international cyclists sa kalibotan. (BANATSPORTS)

Thursday, August 11, 2011


July 23-24, 2011
Bohol, Philippines

Day 1 Stage 2: ROAD RACE 55KM
Tagbilaran City to Chocolate Hills, Carmen

Bohol has well paved roads. Perfect for the sport

The Doctors On Attack (DOA) were eventually neutralized by the peloton.

Regrouping and...

BigMig once again attempting to split the group. Thats the Cebu Cycling Train for you.


August 16-21, 2011 * Madrid, Spain

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


July 23-24, 2011
Bohol, Philippines

Day 1 Stage 2: ROAD RACE 55KM
Tagbilaran City to Chocolate Hills, Carmen

BigMig Flores wants to settle the score early by leading the peloton at a fast pace, hoping to split the group.  Security escorts and marshalls are aplenty you feel safe racing in Bohol.

Rommel Limpangug (Cebu) and Dondie Azarcon (Manila) take its turn of pulling the group.

Showtime for Sanx Ontanillas (Cebu).  Drafting at its best

Dr JV Araneta attacks solo and... looks behind.  Nobody wants to follow?  Where are the teammates?

THE DOCTORS ARE IN. There goes Dr Paul So and Dr Jon Simbajon helping out their comrade.  Will the Doctors on Attack (DOA) be successful? Abangan!

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Tuesday, August 09, 2011


click to enlarge

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2011 SEA Games Selection Race (Leg 2)
Loay, Bohol, Phils.

Sept 24 Saturday: Road Race (RR)
Category 1: 120km
Categories 2-4: 90km

Sept 25 Sunday: Individual Time Trial (ITT)
Category 1: 40km
Categories 2-4: 20km

Entry Fees:
Category 1: Free
Category 2: P500.00/stage
Categories 3-4: P1,000.00/stage