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Friday, July 28, 2006 issue
by Marina C. Baring, Sun.Star Correspondent

Incidents of athletes lying about their age to get into the CESAFI and play will soon be a thing of the past, with match organizers now requiring those competing in auxiliary events to submit certified and original documents from the National Statistics Office.

This development came up in last Wednesday’s meeting of all coaches and tournament directors at Cebu Coliseum.

"It was agreed that this will work more to the advantage of the coaches because when there are cases of ineligibility, the coaches are still liable for it," said Jonathan Maximo, the tournament manager for football.

Ineligible athletes who manage to ease their way past screening is a common problem in multi-event sporting meets such as Cesafi.

"With NSO certification, we could be assured of the authenticity of the documents," Maximo added.

During the meeting, the modification of ground rules for every event was also discussed, including the penalty in cases of walkouts.

For this year, Cesafi implements stricter rules when it comes to teams storming out of the playing area. Before, when a team walks out, the schools or team owners are made to answer to it by paying a certain fee. This time, coaches will be penalized and be banned forever from the league.

Meanwhile, the other events of Cesafi will have its opening in the first week of September at the Cebu Coliseum.

Cesafi Commissioner Felix Tiukinhoy confirmed this and said that the opening ceremony will be held in the morning since there will be scheduled basketball games in the afternoon.

There will be different playdates for the events in athletics, badminton, football, beach volleyball, volleyball, table tennis, swimming, chess, scrabble, lawn tennis, sepak takraw, taekwondo and dancesports.

Each event also marks the date for the deadline of the submission of requirements. For football, Maximo said that all teams must produce the documents by August 14.

There will be five teams competing in the collegiate division and five from the high school class.

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