Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Why running appeals to goal-driven CEOs -, Philippine News for Filipinos: "“Running is an efficient sport for a busy person. In thirty minutes with a pair of shoes, whenever you are, you can do it,” he said in an interview with

Sanez gladly recommends running as a sport for business executives like him. Not only does it improve health and fitness, it also has positive effects about one’s attitude towards life, he said.

“And especially for business people, it helps increase their commitment the goals they’ve set for themselves in and out of the office,” he said.

“Some of the business executives I know who are into running, after they have done five kilometers they would want to do a 25-kilometer (run) or progress to an even longer distance,” Sanez said.

“Business executives like challenge, and running is definitely fulfilling and provides them that challenge,” he said."...

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