Monday, November 07, 2011


Nov. 5, 2011 Sat. 7:30AM
Reclamation, Mandaue City, Phl


ESCAPE ARTISTS.  A very early breakaway initiated by Ben Fabroa (white/yellow) and Jiji Simbajon (blue/white) happened during the 3rd-4th laps.  Igi Maximo (red, center), Ricky Ermitanio, Danny Simbajon and another rider decided to follow the escape.

WORKHORSE.  Jiji Simbajon was the real workhorse.  He pulls the group efficiently they were able to create a gap from the peloton

A LEARNING EXPERIENCE.  16-yr old, 4th year high school Igimax, who was fortunate enough to chase and stay with the group, took his turn to lead the pack.  Here, he is testing a Token T50S ceramic bearing (front) and T50 sealed bearing (rear) wheelset combi by YKKBikes

EXPERIENCE.  Ricky Ermitanio (front) and Danny Simbajon (back) used their race experience in helping the group stay away from the chasing peloton

SPEED.  Ben Fabroa (front) egged the group to maintain a certain speed to widen the gap from the chasers.  It turned out it was the winning breakaway after all.  Nice job Cebu Cyclists!

WINNERSRicky Ermitanio (1st Place), Igi Maximo (2nd Place), Ben Fabroa (3rd Place), Danny Simbajon (4th Place), Jiji Simbajon (5th Place)

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