Sunday, June 24, 2012


Published in Cebu Daily News on June 24, 2012 Sunday issue
by Mars G. Alison & Jonas Panerio, Correspondents
Rick Gabuya, Sports Editor

THE 2ND LEG of the Congressman Red Tri Series will kick off today in Danao City with a SuperTriKids (STK) competition to be held alongside it as a sidelight event.

The second leg of the series was supposed to be held in Camotes Island early this month but it was cancelled due to bad weather.

This Danao City leg woudl have been the third and final leg but instead it will serve as the second leg with the third leg slated July 1 at the Alegre Beach Resort in Sogod town, northern Cebu.

The Danao leg will feature a sprint distance, a mini-sprint for the STK and a duathlon.

The sprint distance will cover a 750 meter swim, 20 kilometer bike and a 5 kilometer run.  The mini sprint will cover half of the distance of each discipline while the duathlon will start with a 2.5km run, 20-km bike and end with another 2.5-km run.

Notable athlete seeing action is former Philippine team member Chris Aldeguer.

Representative Red Durano (Cebu 5th district) and his father Danao Vice Mayor Ramon "Nito" Durano will also be seeing action in the duathlon event.

The STK, on the other hand, will have about 20 hopefuls joining.

Organizer Oscar "Boying" Rodriguez said the STK will serve as the springboard for future Cebuano junior national team members.

Once again showing their potentials will be the Chiongbian brothers Justin and Yuan, STK champion 11-year old Nina Villaba, Ana Patricia Maximo and youngest participant Marco Anton Queblatin, who is just five years old.  After the third leg in Sogod, the town will also host the Sogod Mayor Moonyeen Tri-Cup on July 14./CORRESPONDENT MARS G. ALISON WITH A REPORT FROM JONAS PANERIO. 

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