Wednesday, March 06, 2013


Sun Star Cebu.  ... Then two weeks before the Vaseline men Xterra Off-road triathlon series, I got a call from John Pages, our columnist and the Sports Association of Cebu (SAC) president, inviting me to be part of the All-Sun.Star relay team for the event last March 2 in Liloan. He asked me if I can be part of the relay team with him doing the 36K bike, fellow sportswriter Edri Aznar doing the 9.4K run and me doing the 1.5K swim leg.

I almost told him to just look for someone else because I do not have the stamina. But he told me to “just enjoy the experience.”

I had just two weeks to prepare. And I was to do a discipline I was weak at. But then I told myself, when will I overcome this weakness? I am already 33, and I’ve been submitting myself to this weakness for a long time. So I started to train. But with having a full-time job, being a hands-on mother and wife to my supportive husband, Alvin, regular training was almost next to impossible.

I decided to manage my time well. Everywhere I went, my swim wear was in my bag so whenever I had a chance, I would hit the pool. And then I was faced with another dilemma—where can I get an affordable trisuit? The price ranged from P6,000 to P12,000 and I’d rather buy milk formula for my kids with that amount.

Luckily, at the suggestion of triathlete Lorhiz Echavez-Lopez and Jonathan Maximo, a dad to triathletes, I went to a shop in Colon that sold it for just P2,000. Now that I had the attire down, all I had to worry about was actually doing the swim.

With just a few days left, I started having nightmares. I feared that I wouldn’t finish and disappoint my team. This is not volleyball where you can stop playing halfway and ask for a substitute. And it did not help that there were people actually betting on me to fail... Read more

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