Friday, March 10, 2017


“So how do we take what we learned as athletes and transform that into an endeavor that is meaningful? Some can become coaches and help the next generation of athletes to become better. Some go on to business. Some even pursue politics. Sadly, some have not prepared for that next chapter in life.

“What I want to leave everyone here with is that through sports, the lessons of teamwork, hard work, sportsmanship, discipline, motivation and sacrifice are amongst the greatest life lessons we can ever learn. Take these lessons to heart while you are an athlete competing but also remember these lessons and attributes when it is time for your journey to change...

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WHEN I GROW UP I WANT TO BE LIKE MY SPORTS IDOL. Cycling awardee 17-yo student-athlete Ica Maximo with Sportsman of the Year Fred Uytengsu during the 35th SMB-SAC Cebu Sports Awards, March 7, 2017 held in SM City Cebu.

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