Wednesday, December 03, 2008


SUN STAR CEBU. IF you want to learn the meaning of “passion for sports,” then check the marathoners. They are one of the prime examples. I mean, who in his right mind would run 42 kilometers?

For non-marathoners, 42 kilometers is just a number but if you want to imagine how far is that, then picture this.

Walking from Abellana National School to the Provincial Capitol may seem daunting but that’s only 1.82 kilometers (thanks to Google Earth). Imagine running back and forth from Abellana to the Capitol 23 times. Or, get this. The distance covered by the 13B route from the University of San Carlos-Technological Center to the USC Main Campus is only 6.40 kilometers, imagine going back and forth six and a half times.

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Anonymous said...

How much is PUJ fare from Abellana to Capitol 23 times?