Wednesday, September 30, 2009


by Mike Limpag
Fair Play

Limpag: Chasing John Pages and Haide Acuña Sun.Star Network Online: Some walked most of the route, some made their own route.

A few started at the Press Freedom Run and somehow found their way to the finish line of the Eco-Dash Run of Ayala.

As expected, veteran runner and columnist John Pages topped the 5K division, while reporter Edri K. Aznar, who arrived late, got second. He later told colleagues that he was afraid of getting lost—since he didn’t catch the route briefing—that he just decided to follow somebody else, which turned out to be John.

Broadcaster Haide Acuña, topped the women’s division over Marlen Limpag, while Superbalita sports editor Jun Migallen, who once topped a running event straight off from a drinking session, and Irenelou Llego won the 3K division."...

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Maxi said...

John's 21mins @ 5K is fast. My 5k is still in the 29-30min range. :) Congrats to all the winners and finishers