Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Limpag: Atan and Tom’s pissing contest Sun.Star Network Online: "FOOTBALL COVERAGE. I heard that the Cebu Football Association was told to approach me to help improve media coverage of their sport.

I’m flattered but that isn’t necessary.

They only have to make sure that they can be contacted and that they have what reporters need when they have tournaments—details.

When the new board took over, it was a bitch to contact them. When we finally got hold of one member, he or she wasn’t willing to talk. In the end, we just stopped trying to contact them. What for?

When reporters covered their events, it was a waste of time. Their “lineups” had no names, their match reports had no details. Heck, if you ask the referee who scored, he’d say, “Ambot kinsa to.”

To get all the details, you have to be in the venue the whole day, which is impossible because reporters have other responsibilities.

That is why I wrote a few issues ago that the present board had a thing or two to learn from the previous president. Because Jonathan Maximo perfected this, which is why all the events he handled got ample coverage."...

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