Monday, August 22, 2016


Cebu Daily Newspaper
August 22, 2016 issue
by James Nicole Franz Savellon

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CEBUANA Ana Patricia “Ica” Maximo topped the Women’s Open Category of the Toledo City-Luray Criterium Race last Sunday in Toledo City, southern Cebu.

The 17-year-old Maximo completed the four-lap, 9-kilometer closed-road course in 18 minutes and 35 seconds.

“It was not an easy race. In two weeks’ time, I had to shift my training from the 90k IronMan endurance race to a fast and tricky 9k speed race with lots of intervals, corners and U-turns,” said Maximo.

Andrea Yu placed second while Grezell Villarba settled for third.

In the road-bike results, Jonel Carcueva topped Category B, Xim Amores reigned in Category C and Virgilio Poloyapoy won in the Toledo Open.

In the mountain-bike results, Niko Otadoy was the Toledo champion, Donkey Sanchez topped the Junior-Senior category. Emmanuel Pedroza won the Novice title, Junel Dadong ruled the Intermediate group, Ryan Mendoza took the Masters crown and Ronnie Adlawan reigned in the Veterans class.

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