Thursday, October 15, 2009


I Just Ran A 5k Marathon! : On Running Jargon and Common Newbie Gaffes The Philippine Star >> News >> Sports: "I Ran a 5k Marathon!
Okay, so you got excited. You just finished your first 5k race, and your adrenalin levels are at an all-time high. Next thing you know, you’re telling all your friends that you “just ran a 5k marathon”.

While it may be a matter of pure semantics, “5k” and “marathon” do not belong in the same sentence, and may earn you a puzzled look or two from a seasoned runner. A marathon in the strictest sense is 42.195 kilometers, just a wee bit farther than your 5k. A lot of people train long and hard to be able to call themselves “marathoners”, so keep that in mind."...

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