Tuesday, October 20, 2009


October 18, 2009 Sunday 4:30AM
Quezon City, Phils.

(In alphabetical order)

JayR Aguilon 6:30:00 (hrs:mins:secs); Robie Aguilon 6:30:00; Bro. Carlo Bacalla 4:57:00; Ian Baguio 6:34:00; Mike Enriquez 5:32:00; Steve Ferraren 4:07:00; Joel Garganera 5:29:00; Atan Guardo 6:34:00; Jerry Guardo 6:00:00+; Jeson Guardo 6:00:00+; Bebot Ignacio 6:17:00; Joel Juarez 4:58:00; John Pages 4:57:00; Arnold Palma 5:35:00; Dodong Sulatre 4:52:00; Jesse Taborada 4:56:00; Fr. Siongo Tan 5:11:00

Haide Acuna 5:47:00; Annie Neric 5:18:00

Bert Banzon 1:44:00; Frederic Chiongbian 2:25:00; Raffy Uytiepo 2:32:00

Millette Chiongbian 1:44:00

Courtesy of John Pages/SSD & Raffy Uytiepo/TF


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