Sunday, October 25, 2009


Who: Runners
What: ROCK N RUN 2
When: November 8, 2009 Sunday
Where: The Terraces, Ayala Cebu, Phils

Categories: 3/5/12K
12K Men & Women
1st - P7,000.00; 2nd - P5,000.00; 3rd - P3,000.00; 4th - P1,000.00; 5th - 700.00; 6th to 10th - P300.00
3K & 5K
Winners - Cash

Registration Centers:
Cebu Grand Hotel & Alibyo Spa

Courtesy of The Freeman


Anonymous said...

The route is good but the way the run was organized was so disappointing. The results for 12K category took so long. Awarding was held on the evening around 8PM at Ayala center they don't even consider for other runners that they need to go back just for that awarding. The worst thing is awarding ceremony sucks!!! They just call all the names and rambles and shuffles all the runners on the stage.

Anonymous said...

Many are disappointed on the way they distribute the race numbers. The first time they done this wa s acceptable because the reason they gave is because of the heavy rain, now it is worse than ever. Organizers don't know how to value others time. The awarding ceremony was held on the evening, not only that they announce to be there at Ayala by 6PM but the awarding started around 8PM. One more thing "Rock and Run 2" is far far away from Rock and Run 1.

Drac said...

I was in the awarding too. Yes, they have let the winners wait for 2 hours and the least the organizers could have done was call out the names one by one. The organizers were in a hurry in the awarding ceremony.

Anonymous said...

unorganized, sorry to tell you this, the race number should be given together with the t-shirts like other who organized same activity. One more thing is the awarding should be done right after. They said awarding was at 6:00 pm but they started 8:00 o'clock in the evening. No rest for the runners.

Anonymous said...

Rock and Run 2 Sucks BIG TIME I agree with all of you, Or should I say any Raffy Uytiepo organized race sucks, sorry Elvis, the people have spoken, let's enumerate the wrongs, no.1 Mean Marshalls. no.2 race number distribution no need to explain this one, no.3 less water and water stations, no.4 wall of shame,ever wondered whats the use of those numbers distributed wen u reached the finish line,wer they tape in your names on? they will put it on the wall of shame, no. 5 Mean Marshalls again.

Jim said...

I hope the organizers will read this blog so as to avoid another shortcomings in future races.

The "standard" of conducting road races has somewhat been raised due to the popularity of running. More races are conducted around the country thus runners are able to experience and compare the events.

On the other hand, we should also give credit to the organizers, especially the sponsors, for coming up with a running event.