Thursday, August 09, 2012


PhilStar.  One of the most telling blows to Philippine sports was dealt by the cycling association. The association had two presidents between 2005 and 2011. One “rebel” group had as many as five who, unable to find a way out of the crisis, stumbled over one another in their haste to resign. The infighting reached a point when the cyclists of the rebel group were not allowed to compete in the tournament of the other.

Since the national trials were conducted by the POC-accredited NSA, other cyclists, who were actually licensed professionals and more qualified, did not participate. In the SEA Games, the POC amateur cyclists were in turn not allowed by the International Cycling Federation to participate because they lacked a license.

Coming back home, both presidents conducted their own separate tournament to determine players for their next international competitions. They scheduled them on the same day. Again cyclists were made to choose, between a UCI (international cycling federation)-sanctioned tournament that would earn them a license and UCI points to see action in professional competitions abroad in the future and a tournament where the qualifiers will get allowances as POC accredited amateur athletes... Read more

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