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Published in The Freeman Newspaper on August 8, 2012 Wednesday issue
by Ana Patricia "Ica" Maximo, Contributor
Emmanuel V. Villaruel, Sports Editor

CEBU, Philippines - Crossing the finish line has always been every athlete's dream. I had finally accomplished my dream last Saturday and it was priceless.

Finishing the Alaska IronKids Triathlon 2012 really meant something big to me. It was really an amazing opportunity for me to join an international competition and I was lucky to be part of it. We had to swim 300 meters in the open sea, bike for 10 km around Punta EngaƱo and run 2 km inside Shangrila Mactan Beach Resort non-stop! Being a triathlete is no joke. But when you enjoy doing it, it can be a lot easier.

Ever since school started this year, being a Grade 7 student of Sacred Heart School- Hijas de Jesus has been hard because I had to balance my time for both my studies and training with swimming, cycling and running. But with the support of my school, I was able to find more time to practice my sport.

The most important people that have always been there for me in good and in bad times, support me in my decisions, and will always love me no matter what will happen, are my parents, Maxi and Sheila. I would never be able to survive without them and of course to my bike guru YKK, coaches Tito, Ronald, and Sherwin as well as Mdm. Balicoco and my teachers including Mr. Trani. I am very blessed to have such supportive parents, coaches and teachers to help me improve my sport and studies.

Aside from sweating it out with triathlon, the experience has also taught me values like friendship. I got to meet other triathletes from other countries the same age as I am that came from other places and have realized that this competition was their first time to swim in the open sea.

Discipline and commitment were also the other values that were instilled in me. When you practice the value of discipline, you will surely accomplish what you would want to achieve. These are the important values that we should always keep in mind.

I would like to encourage my classmates and friends to try out this sport aside from being in the computer for hours. We should have a healthy lifestyle so that we could enjoy and be active even though we would already be at our 80's or 90's. So I challenge all of you to be part of any sport that you would always enjoy and have fun.

Oh! I can't wait for my next event. (FREEMAN)

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