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2007 aboitiz BOYS-14 CUP - DAY 5

2007 10th aboitiz CEBU BOYS-14 (1993) CUPMarch 24 to April 22, 2007
CIS Field, Cebu City & San Roque Field, Mandaue
sponsored by Aboitiz Group Foundation, Inc. (AGFI)
organized by CebuFA 2003-07 &
sanctioned by Phil. Football Federation, Inc. (PFF)

*AGFI's Education & Sports program
*CebuFA 2003-07 Youth (Boys) Football program
*Eight (8) teams, 144 youth players in 16 matches
*Cebu qualifying tournament for 2007 Phil Olympic U-15 Visayas, Sept 3-7 @ Iloilo

as of Day 5: April 17, 2007

Group A:
Day 5 (Day 4)

1st (1st) - Cebu International School: 9Pts +18GD
2nd (2nd) - Abellana National School: 4Pts +14GD

3rd (3rd) - Kuya Nick Football Club: 4Pts +1GD
4th (4th) - Football Club Inter Cebu: 0Pt -33GD

Group B:
Day 5 (Day 4)

1st (1st) - PAREF Springdale School: 9Pts +15GD
2nd (2nd) - Don Bosco Technology Center: 3Pts +13GD3rd (3rd) - San Roque Football Club: 3Pts -1GD
4th (4th) - Bright Academy: 3Pts -27GD


Day 5: April 17, 2007 Tuesday @ San Roque Field, Mandaue01:00pm Match #12: Group B: Springdale vs Don Bosco CollegeResult: 3-0 in favor of Springdale
Jose Marie Borromeo (Sdale) – 37th min
Jules Villahermosa (Sdale) – 43rd min
Shawn Haosen (Sdale) – 57th min

Day 4: April 14, 2007 Saturday @ CIS Field, Talamban08:30am Match #08: Group A: Cebu IS vs Kuya Nick FCResult: 6-2 in favor of Cebu IS
Emmanuel Cunningham (CIS) – 3rd, 6th, 28th, 63rd mins
Thomas Both (CIS) – 15th min
Paulo Sanchez (Kuya Nick) – 20th, 21st mins
Rowdy Elbers (CIS) – 43rd min
10:00am Match #09: Group B: Bright Academy vs SpringdaleResult: 1-10 in favor of Springdale
Shawn Haosen (Sdale) – 1st min
Jules Villahermosa (Sdale) – 29th, 35th, 49th, 59th mins
Kyle Knight (Bright) – 31st min
Nicholas Escobal (Sdale) – 39th, 63rd mins
Edsel Medalle (Sdale) – 47th, 68th mins
Jose Marie Borromeo (Sdale) – 53rd min
12:00nn Match #10: Group A: Abellana NS vs FC Inter CebuResult: 16-1 in favor of Abellana NS
Dan Villarico (ANS) – 1st, 13th, 15th, 22nd, 51st, 60th mins
Jiel delos Santos (ANS) – 3rd min
Joselou Bacunawa (ANS) – 4th, 61st mins
Pedro Diao (ANS) – 9th min
John Ray Nieves (ANS) – 10th, 27th, 28th, 50th, 65th mins
Ryan Espesa (FCIC) – 30th min
Rafael Estremos (ANS) – 53rd min
01:30pm Match #11: Group B: San Roque FC vs Don Bosco CollegeResult: 3-0 in favor of San Roque FC (DB defaulted its game)
Day 4 Total goals scored: 39
Day 3: April 1, 2007 Sunday @ San Roque Fld, Mandaue10:00am Match #07: Grp B: Bright Academy vs San Roque FCResult: 1-0 in favor of Bright Academy
Rainier Tan (Bright) – 68th min

Day 2: March 31, 2007 Saturday @ CIS Field, Talamban08:30am Match #04: Grp B: Springdale vs San Roque FCResult: 3-0 in favor of Springdale
Jules Villahermosa (Sdale) – 3rd, 37th mins
Ian Holasca (Sdale) – 23rd min
10:00pm Match #05: Grp A: Abellana NS vs Cebu ISResult: 2-3 in favor of Cebu IS
John Nieves (ANS) – 30th min
Emmanuel Blue Cunningham (CIS) – 33rd, 62nd mins
Jae Min Park (CIS) – 44th min
Jomar Gabrillo (ANS) – 60th min
01:00am Match #06: Grp A: FC Inter Cebu vs Kuya Nick FCResult: 1-6 in favor of Kuya Nick
Nick Castillon (Kuya Nick) – 2nd, 37th mins
Prince Anthony (Kuya Nick) – 23rd, 35th, 53rd, 58th mins
Juen Jumao-as (FCIC) – 41st min

Day 1: March 24, 2007 Sat. @ San Roque Fld, Mandaue10:00am Match #01: Grp B: Don Bosco TC vs Bright AcademyResult: 19-0 in favor of Don Bosco
Dellbert Tan (DB) – 2nd min
Peter Ricamora (DB) – 3rd, 6th, 13th, 28th, 31st mins
Karl Arcenas (DB) – 7th, 36th, 40th, 55th mins
Robert Gealon (DB) – 10th, 46th mins
Miko Limalima (DB) – 22nd, 60th mins
Rikko de Guzman (DB) – 23rd, 30th mins
Angelo Ramirez (DB) – 26th min
Andrew Tabar (DB) – 66th min
James Nacorda (DB) – 68th min
01:00pm Match #02: Grp A: Cebu IS vs FC Inter CebuResult: 13-0 in favor of Cebu IS
Rowdy Elbers (CIS) – 2nd, 5th, 21st, 60th mins
Emmanuel Cunningham (CIS) – 12th, 17th, 34th, 44th, 54th mins
Mark Lotzof (CIS) – 23rd min
Rick Ju (CIS) – 40th min
Jae Min Park (CIS) – 47th, 58th mins
02:30pm Match #03: Grp A: Kuya Nick FC vs Abellana NSResult: 0-0 draw
*Top 2 teams per Group will advance to the knock-out Semi-Final round
*Semi-Final losers will vie for 3rd Place title
*Semi-Final winners will vie for Championship title
*maximum of 18 players + 2 officials per team
*11-a-side format, maximum of 7 substitutes per game
*35 minutes per half x 2 halves with 10 minutes half-time break
*CebuFA, PFF & FIFA Rules/Code of Discipline apply

*Point System: Win = 3pts; Draw = 1pt, Loss = 0pt
*Tie-Breaker: (1) Pts (2) GD (3) GF (4) Winner over other (5) Toss coin
*Goal Difference (GD) = Goals For (GF) – Goals Against (GA)

PaBolFC.comEvent Managers

Jonathan MaximoPresident, CebuFA 2003-07

CEBU FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION, INC. (CebuFA)Unit 3, G/F, Friendship II Bldg., Highway,
Subangdaku, Mandaue City 6401 Phils.
Tel/Fax +6332 422-1182


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