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2007 aboitiz GIRLS-16 CUP - DAY 5

2007 aboitiz CEBU GIRLS-16 (1991) CUPApril 1 to 28, 2007
CIS Field, Talamban, Cebu City & San Roque Field, Mandaue City
sponsored by Aboitiz Group Foundation, Inc. (AGFI)
organized by CebuFA 2003-07 &
sanctioned by Phil. Football Federation, Inc. (PFF)

*AGFI's Education & Sports program
*CebuFA 2003-07 Youth (Girls) Football program
*Scouting and Talent Identification for CebuFA Girls-16 (1991) Team
*Preparation for the proposed 2007 PFF National Womens U-17 (1991) Championship

as of Day 5: April 24, 2007

Day 5 (Day 4)
1st (1st) - Cebu International School: 10pts +12GD

2nd (2nd) San Roque Football Club: 7Pts +8GD
3rd (3rd) - Sunsport-PaBol: 6Pts -1GD
4th (4th) - Melborne United Football Club: 0Pt -7GD
5th (5th) - Bright Academy: 0Pt -12GD


DAY 5: APRIL 24, 2007 TUESDAY @ San Roque Field, Mandaue City
09:30am Sunsport PaBol vs Cebu ISResult: 0-3 in favor of Cebu IS
Janine Hartleip (CIS) – 11th min
Monica Moraza (CIS) – 49th min
Presley Cunningham (CIS) – 65th min

DAY 4: APRIL 22, 2007 SUN. @ CIS Field, Talamban, Cebu City08:30am Bright Academy vs Cebu ISResult: 0-4 in favor of Cebu IS
Monica Moraza (CIS) – 16th, 18th min
Christelle Dychangco (CIS) – 32nd min
Presley Cunningham (CIS) – 52nd min
10:00am San Roque FC vs Sunsport-PaBolResult: 1-0 in favor of San Roque FC
Christine Mantos (SRFC) – 11th min

DAY 3: APRIL 21, 2007 SAT @ San Roque Fld, Mandaue10:00am Bright Academy vs San Roque FCResult: 1-8 in favor of San Roque FC
Kimberly Lofgren (Bright) – 14th min
Monica Trebol (SRFC) – 15th, 23rd, 40th, 41st, 45th, 65th mins
KC Catarinen (SRFC) – 20th min

DAY 2: APRIL 15, 2007 SUN @ CIS Field, Cebu City08:30am San Roque FC vs Cebu ISResult: 1-1 draw
Monica Trebol (SRFC) – 45th min
Christelle Dychangco (CIS) – 53rd min
10:00am Melborne Utd vs Sunsport-PaBolResult: 2-0 in favor of Sunsport-PaBol
Bea Maximo (PaBol) – 8th min
Jovannah Yu (PaBol) – 53rd min
DAY 1: APRIL 1, 2007 SUN @ CIS Field, Cebu City
08:30am Match #1: Sunsport-PaBol vs Bright Academy
Result: 1-0 in favor of Sunsport-PaBol
Jovannah Yu (PaBol) – 53rd min
10:00am Match #2: Cebu IS vs Melborne UtdResult: 5-0 in favor of Cebu IS
Monica Moraza (CIS) – 4th min
Presley Cunningham (CIS) – 24th, 29th mins
Stephanie Sharpe (CIS) – 43rd, 68th mins

*11-a-side format, maximum of 7 substitutes per game
*flying substitution allowed
*35 minutes per half x 2 halves with 10 minutes half-time break
*CebuFA, PFF & FIFA rules apply
*Point System: Win = 3pts; Draw = 1pt, Loss = 0pt
*Tie-Breaker: (1) Pts (2) GD (3) GF (4) Winner over other (5) Toss coin
*Goal Difference (GD) = Goals For (GF) – Goals Against (GA)

PaBolFC.comEvent Managers

Jonathan MaximoPresident, CebuFA 2003-07

CEBU FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION, INC. (CebuFA)Unit 3, G/F, Friendship II Bldg., Highway,
Subangdaku, Mandaue City 6401 Phils.
Tel/Fax +6332 422-1182

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