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2007 aboitiz MENS CUP - Day 3

2007 aboitiz CEBU MEN'S CUP (DIVISION 2)February 4 to April 9, 2007
sponsored by Aboitiz Group Foundation, Inc. (AGFI)
organized by CebuFA 2003-07 &
sanctioned by Phil. Football Federation, Inc. (PFF)

*AGFI's Education & Sports program
*CebuFA 2003-07 Senior (Men) Football program
*16 teams, 400 players & officials, 32 games in 9 match days in 2-month period
*Cebu's biggest Men’s Open Football tournament (24 teams in Divisions 1 & 2)

as of Day 3: Feb. 25, 2007

Group A
Day 3 (Day 2)1st (1st) - FC Inter Cebu (Cebu City): 4Pts +1GD1st (1st) - Team Cebu City (Cebu City): 4Pts +1GD
2nd (2nd) - XSem Bros. FC (Cebu City): 0Pt - 1GD
2nd (2nd) - University of San Carlos (Cebu City): 0Pt -1GD
Group B
Day 3 (Day 2)
1st (1st) - Cebu Institute of Technology (Cebu City): 6Pts +5GD2nd (2nd) - Queen City United (Cebu City): 3Pts +2GD
3rd (3rd) Cebu State College of Science & Technology (Cebu City): 0Pt - 3GD
4th (4th) - Sykes Asia FC (Cebu City): 0Pt -4GD

Group C
Day 3 (Day 2)
1st (1st) - Maitland-Smith FC (Lapu-Lapu City): 3Pts +5GD2nd (2nd) - Metropolitan FC (Lapu-Lapu City): 3Pts +4GD
3rd (3rd) - UP Alumni FC (Cebu City): 3Pts -1GD
4th (4th) - Ramos FC (Cebu City): 0Pt -8GD

Group D
Day 3 (Day 2)
1st (1st) - Cebu International School (Cebu City): 6Pts +12GD2nd (2nd) - Uptown United FC (Cebu City): 3Pts +4GD
3rd (4th) - University of the Philippines Cebu (Cebu City): 0Pt -7GD
4th (3rd) - FC Inter Lapu-Lapu (Lapu-Lapu City): 0Pt -9GD

DAY 3: FEBRUARY 25, 2007 SUN (venue: San Roque Fld, Mandaue)
08:00AM Match #09: Grp C: UP Alumni vs Ramos FCResult: 5-2 in favor of UP Alumni
Boyet Auditor (UP Alumni) – 2nd, 86th mins
Jasper Jumadiao (Ramos) – 5th min
Diosdado Montano (UP Alumni) – 12th, 39th mins
Kent Zozobrado (Ramos) – 17th min
Henry Ramirez (UP Alumni) – 44th min

10:00AM Match #10: Grp D: FC Inter Lapu-Lapu vs Cebu ISResult: 6-1 in favor of Cebu IS
Joshua Fegidero (CIS) – 11th, 26th, 34th, 36th, 89th mins
Dominic Rebolios (FCIL) – 15th min
Oliver Colina (CIS) – 37th min

01:00PM Match #11: Grp A: Team Cebu City vs FC Inter CebuResult: 1-1 draw
John Ray Sulib (TCC) – 18th min
Glendo Ouano (FCIC) – 45th min

03:00PM Match #12: Grp B: CSCST vs Cebu Inst of TechResult: 0-1 in favor of CIT
Raphael Heria (CIT) – 24th min
DAY 2: FEBRUARY 11, 2007 SUNDAY (venue: San Roque Fld, Mandaue)08:00AM Match #05: Grp B: Queen City Utd - CAFC vs CSCSTResult: 3-1 in favor of Queen City Utd
Richard Montayre (QC-B) – 31st min
Peter Bordador (QC-B) – 66th, 90th mins
Jose Rey Rojas (CSCST) – 67th min
10:00AM Match #06: Grp C: Metropolitan FC vs UP AlumniResult: 4-0 in favor of Metropolitan FC
Danilo Juesan (Metropolitan) – 30th min
Ken Villanueva (Metropolitan) – 54th min
Rene Inoc (Metropolitan) – 69th min
Jonathan Alino (Metropolitan) – 83rd min
01:00PM Match #07: Grp D: Uptown Utd FC vs FC Inter Lapu-LapuResult: 4-0 in favor of Uptown Utd FC
Edgar Quitor (Uptown) – 20th min
Jaymart Cabanesas (Uptown) – 30th, 88th mins
Miguel Bargamento (Uptown) – 82nd min
03:00PM Match #08: Grp A: Univ of San Carlos vs Team Cebu CityResult: 2-3 in favor of Team Cebu City
Kyle Soriano (USC) – 6th min
Jerson Omnos (TCC) – 7th, 10th, 24th mins
Jacob Canada (USC) – 37th min

DAY 1: FEB. 4, 2007 SUN. (San Roque Fld, Mandaue)08:00AM Match #01: Grp A: FC Inter Cebu vs XSem BrosResult: 3-2 in favor of FC Inter Cebu
Reino Ross Amora (FCIC) – 5th, 80th mins
Reynaldo Vallinas (FCIC) – 10th min
Sherwin Hortel (XSem) – 29th min
Michael Gonzales (XSem) – 32nd min
10:00AM Match #02: Grp B: Cebu Inst of Tech vs Sykes AsiaResult: 4-0 in favor of CIT
Justin Villa (CIT) – 35th min
Harvey Quimque (CIT) – 40th min
James Dinawanao (CIT) – 42nd min
Ramon Alarcon (CIT) – 56th min
01:00PM Match #03: Grp C: Maitland-Smith vs Ramos FCResult: 5-0 in favor of Maitland-Smith
Renato Maambong (Maitland) – 18th, 56th mins
Joselito Pacheco (Maitland) – 22nd min
Renato del Carmen (Maitland) – 37th min
Ariel Esparcia (Maitland) – 38th min
Jessie Lugpit (Maitland) – 63rd min
03:00PM Match #04: Grp D: Cebu IS vs Univ of the PhilsResult: 8-1 in favor of Cebu IS
Michael Sharpe (CIS) – 28th min
Joshua Fegidero (CIS) – 45th min
Eleazar Toledo (CIS) – 56th, 71st, 91st mins
Christian Buhisan (CIS) – 58th, 81st mins
Oliver Colina (CIS) – 74th min
Jose Kriss Genargue (UP) – 86th min
*Top two (2) teams per Group will qualify to Quarter Final round
*Quarter Final winners will advance to Semi Final stage
*Semi-Final losers will play for 3rd Place title
*Semi-Final winners will play for Championship & 2nd Place titles

*11-a-side format, maximum of 25 players + 2 officials per team
*maximum of seven (7) substitutes per game
*45 mins per half x 2 halves (with 10 mins half-time break)
*Point system: Win = 3pts; Draw = 1pt; Loss = 0pt
*Goal Difference (GD) = Goals For (GF) – Goals Againsts (GA)
*Tie breaker: (1) Pts (2) GD (3) GF (4) Winner over other (5) Toss coin

PaBolFC.comEvent Managers

Jonathan MaximoPresident, CebuFA 2003-07

CEBU FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION, INC. (CebuFA)Unit 3, G/F, Friendship II Bldg., Highway,
Subangdaku, Mandaue City 6014 Phils.
Tel/Fax +6332 422-1182

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