Friday, October 31, 2008


Courtesy of Sun Star Newspaper (
Friday, October 31, 2008 issue
by Marian C. Baring, Asst. Sports Editor
Mike Limpag, Sports Editor

YESTERDAY, the prayers of Fr. Vic Uy, SVD, were answered as he was appointed the newest commissioner of the country’s highest governing body for sports—Philippine Sports Commission.

The memo from the office of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo arrived at the PSC office at 6 p.m. last night formalizing Uy’s spot as commissioner in lieu of Ricardo Garcia.

While the other candidates vying for the position asked congressmen and other high-ranking government officials to sign endorsements, Fr. Vic had to rely on the power of prayers.

“I prayed for it and God listened to our prayers,” said Uy, who bested a lot of other candidates.

Uy admitted that although he did not ask anyone for endorsements, those who believed in him, gave him one.

In his last visit in Cebu, Uy broke the news to the media that he was up for the commissionership against a bevy of others and for parting words, asked the reporters, “Please help me pray to Sto. NiƱo for it,” he said, unsure that he will be given the position since he did not have a lot of backers.

Uy, the very first Cebuano and clergyman to become an official of the PSC, was a known sports supporter since his days as the sports director of the University of San Carlos.


The priest was the president of the Private Schools Athletic Association and became an official of the organizing committee of the Southeast Asian Games in 2005, which Cebu co-hosted. He was later appointed as one of the regional point persons of the PSC, before he was finally moved to Manila to become an executive director of the PSC.

PSC chairperson William Butch Ramirez had to request the SVD to give Uy one-year leave in order to work for the PSC January of last year. When the leave expired last January, the SVD gave him an extension.

Uy said that he was thankful for the trust given to him by the national government and will make sure that he will now be able to help sports more . (MCB)

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