Friday, October 31, 2008


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Friday, October 31, 2008 issue
By Jonas Panerio, Correspondent
Rick Gabuya, Sports Editor

THE second semester for the Cesafi football and volleyball squads is expected to be a busy one, as Cebu’s premier inter-school league is planning to stage a “Partner’s Cup-type” tournament early next year.

Gone will be the days of idleness that hounded local varsity squads during the second semester and will be replaced by these tournaments that aim to develop new talents that may be showcased in the next season and possibly on international competitions such as the 2009 Southeast Asian Games in Laos.

According to Cesafi commissioner Felix “Boy” Tiukinhoy, he has already held initial talks with Cesafi volleyball tournament manager, Dr. Danny Villadolid regarding a second semester tournament for indoor volleyball. The development started after he was inspired by the huge turnout and the school support in the recently-concluded championship round of the seniors division of the volleyball event.

“I have already asked Danny (Villadolid) to sound this off to the teams and see what their reaction is like. I’ve noticed that the teams have a lot of reserve players and this would be good for them, since this would give them the avenue to play and develop for next season’s tournament. The same rules would apply so as there would be no confusion between the first and second semester tournaments,” said Tiukinhoy.

As with football and basketball, the tournament is expected to pair a Cesafi school with a corporate sponsor, which has become the trademark of the Partner’s Cup, which will have its third season this January.

The trend was started in basketball in 2006 and continued last year. This year, it expects to branch out to other sports, most notably football, which will have an under-23 tournament in January.Aside from giving the school teams another tournament to strut their wares in, the football event will also be looking at the bigger picture as this will prepare the players for a shot at the under-23 team for the 2009 SEAG. /Correspondent Jonas Panerio

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