Thursday, December 10, 2009


PHILSTAR. This case only proves that the POC is powerless in recognizing an NSA if the NSA isn’t recognized by its international governing body. The POC is, in effect, unauthorized to recognize an NSA unless the NSA is sanctioned by its international governing body. The implication is before an organization applies to the POC for recognition as an NSA, it must first be confirmed as a country affiliate by the international governing body.

Gaining POC recognition as an NSA is therefore meaningless unless there is prior clearance or approval by the international governing body...

If only we Filipinos learned to settle things amicably, if only the POC exercised its political will to solve the problem between the PCA and PhilCycling and if only national interest took priority over personal interest, the cycling imbroglio in Laos could’ve been avoided.

No, UCI isn’t to blame for the shame and scandal in Laos. Only the Filipino sports leaders themselves are to blame for refusing to give in to each other, for stubbornly protecting their turf like it was a birth-right, for insisting to hold on to authority without compromise and for disgracing Philippine sports.

Caught in the middle of this mess are the 13 cyclists who are the victims of an embarrassing civil war. They trained long and hard for the SEA Games. Because of the insensitivity of the country’s sports officials, the 13 cyclists will likely be reduced to tourist status in Laos... Read more @

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Jose said...

What is the purpose of a National Olympic Committee (NOC) in its country? In Phils' case, the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC).