Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Filipino ream - SPORTS EYE By Raffy T. Uytiepo The Freeman >> The Freeman Sections >> Cebu Sports: "With races being staged almost every week, two sometimes, runners will soon be on the losing end. Frankly, I’ve already stopped giving advices as it seems some runners just won’t listen. I’ve known of runners who ran two marathons in as many months. “Murag okay lang akong paminaw” was the usual response. I said yes, it’s alright for now, as it won’t affect you right away. I’ve also known of runners who gave me the same answers 3 years ago and where are they now? Some could hardly walk while some suffer an array of ailments. Worse, one is six feet under. I’m not scaring you I’m just telling the facts. Since we cannot control the runs anymore, just select one and try to get some rest. Even machines break down...

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