Thursday, August 12, 2010


Published in The Freeman Newspaper on Aug. 12, 2010 Thursday issue
by Caecent Noot-Magsumbol, Staff Writer
Manny Villaruel, Sports Editor

CEBU, Philippines – Former Cebu Football Association president Jonathan "Maxi" Maximo is back with the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation, Inc. (CESAFI), this time not as tournament manager but as "promoter" of the football event.

Due to other obligations and priorities, Maximo refused to take the position as tournament manager, but has agreed to help in the promotion of Cebu's premiere inter-school league.

"Wala nako gidawat ang tournament manager position. Tabang lang ta kay nisangpit man ang CESAFI. Lisud balibaran ang CESAFI kay na-varsity baya ta sa una pud nya nalibre atong tuition," Maximo said.

In one of CESAFI's memorandum, however, Maximo has been named as tournament manager but he said the position is not important but it's getting the job well done.

With Maximo back in the CESAFI picture, he said, "we appeal to all stakeholders (players, coaches, officials, fans) of CESAFI football to read, understand and appreciate the CESAFI ground rules, especially on the ruling on player's eligibility. This is to avoid conflicts and controversies in the future like the correct interpretation of the rules, walkouts, schedules, forfeitures of games, etc".

In line with this, Maximo reminded all the participating schools in today's screening of players for football and other events of CESAFI.

The screening of athletes will be done at 10 am at the University of Southern Philippines Foundation in Brgy. Lahug.

"In order for them (participating schools) to get easy access to the rules, team maX1mo has uploaded the CESAFI ground rules at website. We advised them to download and print a copy and discuss this among the team members and officials. The head coach, who is responsible for the submission of the players list for screening, should be well versed in the provisions of the rules, especially on eligibility," Maximo added.

In CESAFI football, each team will submit 20 players. If a player submitted will be found out to be ineligible, the coach cannot replace it with another player. In the worst case scenario, if nine of his players are disqualified, the team is only left with 11 players. (THE FREEMAN)

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