Saturday, August 13, 2011


July 23-24, 2011
Bohol, Philippines

Day 1 Stage 2: ROAD RACE 55KM
Tagbilaran City to Chocolate Hills, Carmen

What makes the sport of Cycling so spectacular is that it will bring you to places such as historical and tourist spots you could not have thought of visiting in the first place.  Thats what you call Cyclo-Tourism.  Lets do this for Cebu soon!

Rommel (right) and Igimax (center) start to inch their way up front.  BigMig (left) on the other hand, is just being consistent with his monicker "if you cannot perform, form" :)

Igimax taking his turn to lead the peloton

But cant help take a quick glance on a popular tourist attraction on his left...

...the Loboc River Cruise with its floaring restaurants!  To know more about this tourist attraction, click here.

The race was well coordinated with the local government.  Shown here are the Loboc police taking over the traffic control as the cyclists passed the town.  Thank you Loboc PNP!

Another famous tourist spot the cyclists passed by is the Loboc Church.  It was originally built in 1602, but soon reduced to ashes.  Learn more about it here 

How we wish we can stop and explore these famous tourist attractions.  Well, you can't have them both, its either pure racing or a picnic ride.

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