Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Published in The Freeman Newspaper on July 7, 2010 Wednesday issue
by Marigold Lebumfacil, Staff Writer
Manny Villaruel, Sports Editor

...Tiukinhoy, on the other hand, bared that the CESAFI will reshuffle its tournament managers in the other events.

Tiukinhoy said he has already talked to Cebu Volleyball Association (CEVA) president Jun San Juan and former Cebu Football Association head Jonathan “Maxi” Maximo to run the respective events this year and he got positive feedbacks from them.

“I will be talking again to San Juan to discuss with him some matters in order to have a smooth sailing volleyball tournament this year and also with the appointment of the new tournament manager,” said Tiukinhoy.

“We had an initial conversation with Maximo and so far, he’s okay with it. He just have to finalize everything including his schedule before he confirms,” added Tiukinhoy.

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