Friday, July 09, 2010


Published in Sun Star Cebu newspaper on July 9, 2010 Friday issue
by Mike Limpag, Columnist - Fairplay & Sports Ed - Sun Star Cebu

DURING a thanksgiving dinner the Cesafi threw for the media last year, I got to talk with commissioner Felix Tiukinhoy about lots of stuffs, some even about the coming May 10, 2010 election.

All those, of course, were off the record and some of the sports-related stuff, too.

But what I do remember distinctly in that gathering was Commissioner Tiukinhoy didn’t know the football event was already over.

“Naa na diay champion?”

That was after I told the commissioner of the “slight problem” the media had with getting in touch with the tournament director for football.

It turned out the Commish was having the same problem too.

Just this week he announced there’s a new tournament manager for my favorite sport.

“We could barely contact our tournament manager and we had no idea how the games (were going) because it was so hard to get the results.”

So last year’s manager is gone. Sadly, he was tapped because he was from the CFA, hence Cesafi expected a smooth event—no conflict of schedules, no haggling on the sanctions fees etc. There were really no conflicts, yes, but it seemed, there was also no event because nobody heard anything.

The Commish is trying to tap Jonathan Maximo, the other year’s tournament director and he said he’s still thinking about it.

I hope Maxi, though he’s busy playing as a one-man support crew and coach to his son’s budding cycling career, will accept the job.

I heard, too, that one club is trying to convince Maxi to take the job and they’ll put the club’s resources to make sure the event will be succesfull.

Now wouldn’t that be something?

Cesafi football might just give basketball a run for their money, this year.

What say you, Maxi?

ANOTHER RETURNEE. Should Maxi agrees he won’t be the only personality who’s making a comeback in the local scene. Joshua Fegidero, of the famous Fegidero football clan of Bacolod, is now back in Cebu, this time as a coach of Bright Academy... Read more

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