Sunday, January 01, 2012


1. Elder Care
With the aid of groundbreaking medical treatments and technology, Americans are living longer, and many seniors are living independently well into their golden years but with a little less mobility. The need for varying amounts of help with daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning, taking medication and basic personal care is leading to exponential growth in the elder care industry. Businesses and franchises are popping up.

The need for senior care services and products will become even more pressing in years to come. Not only are baby boomers' parents living longer; as they age into their own sunset years, they too will need these services. And this group has money to spend.

Home care is in growing demand as more families seek "higher-quality, more-affordable care in the home when they need it as an alternative to moving to facilities that can be much more expensive," says BrightStar Care CEO and founder Shelly Sun.

BrightStar provides companionship, personal care and nursing home care services to people of all ages. The 10-year-old company, which has more than 250 franchises, also provides supplemental staff to health care facilities and doctor's offices.

2. Health and Wellness
The trend toward a healthy lifestyle is producing ample opportunity for businesses from frozen yogurt franchises to create-your-own-salad eateries to fitness centers to benefits consultants.

Consumers are looking more closely at where their food is sourced on their own, for instance, but with the escalating costs of insurance companies are simultaneously encouraging employees to become more healthy.

So-called wellness plans are growing in the workplace as more companies expand what they offer to employees, from a gym discount to a more in-depth health incentive package, including stress management and work/life balance education, according to CBIZ Benefits & Insurance, an employee benefits consultant that helps small businesses implement wellness programs... Read more

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