Monday, February 08, 2010


Published in The Freeman Newspaper Feb. 8, 2010 Monday issue
by Jose Vicente Araneta, Columnist
Manny Villaruel, Sports Editor


...Congratulations to Igi Maximo for winning the junior criterium in the Philippine Premier Cycling League last week! But before we all anoint him as the next great, please consider that the 14yo kid is also into other sports, which is a wise choice. More importantly, as his father, Jonathan, told me, his studies come first before sports.

But in the bigger scheme of things, I would say that it would be difficult for any athlete (except for basketball, whom we have a fatal attraction) to improve his craft in the country if there are no events to go to. However, Igi and his Dad bring a breath of fresh air in the small but very active cycling community...

The author, Dr JV Araneta, during the Tour ni Frank 2010, of which he also organizes.

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